5 Tips and Tricks of Google Assistant That Will Hook You Up!

One of the most talked features of the Android 7.1 Nougat and Google’s Pixel smartphones is the new Google Assistant. Here are the five tips and tricks of the Google Assistant.

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The Google Pixel and Pixel XL are the first smartphones to feature Android 7.1 Nougat along with the Google's new personal assistant, dubbed as the Google Assistant.

5 Tips and Tricks of Google Assistant That Will Hook You Up!

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If you're one of the users of the earlier released Google Allo chat application, then you might be aware of the Google Assistant. Now, Google has completely embedded into the complete OS and it works flawlessly in any screen with just saying 'Ok Google'.

This new artificial intelligence from Google is the upgraded version of Google Now and it has many tricks under its sleeve. Here are the five tips and tricks which you can do with the new Google Assistant.

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Tell Me a Joke!

Unlike its predecessor- Google Now, the Google Assistant is way smarter now and respond to all of your commands. You can now ask the Assistant to tell a joke and it gracefully accepts that and pops out a joke.

Play a Random Music or Video

Also, you can ask the Google Assistant to play any music or video file, however, it just opens your default music/ video player to play the video.

Search for Nearby Restaurants

With the Google Assistant, you can ask it to search nearby restaurants for you. However, your location services need to be turned for getting nearby places.

Listen for the Music

Same as the Apple's Siri, Google Assistant will now be able to listen to a song which you're playing and tells you the exact song.

Remember a Particular Number!

The Google Assistant is now able to remember a particular number which you throw at it. And, you can access that number later on.

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