5 Ways to Free Up Space on Your Android Device

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Is your smartphone slow? Well, have no fear, as we have the perfect solution to all your slow, dragging and lagging smartphones out here.

Every smartphone will get old and become slow just like human beings do. Then how to make your smartphone fast, smooth and lag free is your question, right? Well, GizBot is here offering you a list of 5 handy tricks that will help you to free up your smartphone's space.

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Move apps to external microSD card

Tip #1

We have lots of apps, which occupies more space in the mobile internal memory. Moving the apps to the external card will free up more space on your devices.

Clear App Cache or Data

Tip #2

When we open some apps, the cache of that particular app is collected as residue in smartphone's internal memory. clearing cache will clear the application's temporary files.

Uninstall unused Applications

Tip #3

This can save lots of memory! Uninstalling the unused app can free up spaces on the mobile's internal memory. This can be done going to Setting, Apps and uninstall the apps you don't want.

Upload photos and videos on cloud storage

Tip #4

Moving your important HD photos and videos can free up noticeable amount of space. These days, we have lots of cloud storage apps like Google Drive, Box, Dropbox etc.

Setup Wireless Storage

Tip #5

You can do that by sharing some space from your Computer for your devices. Try to Google on how to setup wireless storage and move the files there which you will use seldom.

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