6 Reasons That Your Smartphone is Your Best Camera!

    These days, smartphones have evolved so much that images that are captured with them challenge those that are captured using point and shoot cameras. Of course, your smartphone cannot replace your DSLR, but it can show its capability in terms of photography.

    6 Reasons That Your Smartphone is Your Best Camera!

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    Firstly, you will always carry the smartphone wherever you go, so you are free from the necessity of taking along another device. Also, the smartphones have progressed to such a great extent that they come even with dual-camera and wide angle lens setup.

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    If you don't believe in this, here are six reasons that justify that your smartphone is the best camera that you own.

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    It’s Always with You

    This is what was mentioned above. Your smartphone is always with you be it your pocket, on your desk or whatever. It is always ready to drop feed information to you whenever it is given a chance. This way, it lets you capture a photo that would not if you with a camera.

    Even if you have a DSLR and a collection of efficient lenses, most of these are expensive and you cannot take them everywhere you go and it could be really tough to click a photo in a jiffy. On the other hand, it will be really easy to pull out a phone from your pocket and click a photo in a hurry.


    Size & Discretion

    The device you use depends on the type of photography. For instance, street photography is real fun and remarkable, but it could be uneasy to carry a chunky DSLR with a long lens when you are on the street corners to click photos.

    In comparison, your smartphone is small and it is the best one for shooting street photography. It will let you capture moments that you might not be able to with a DSLR that has requires a lens change.


    There are Apps to Help You

    The major benefit of using smartphones is that there is an app for everything. Likewise, there are camera apps that can be installed on your smartphone to use it as an efficient camera.with such apps, you can control exposure, image support, white balance, output, etc. manually. Also, you can compile every day photos into videos as well.

    Some applications are much advanced and they offer features that will take your smartphone photography to the next level by providing features that are usually found on DSLRs. Some even offer the ability to capture RAW images to your smartphone.


    Accessories are Immense

    You can purchase many accessories for your smartphone just like you can do with DSLRs. The smartphone camera accessories market is growing at a great pace and you can choose from a simple tripod to the entire lens systems that can be snapped to the back of your smartphone. You can also attach LED light units to your smartphone.

    Notably, these accessories might not turn your smartphone into a DSLR giving such high-quality results, but you need not burn a hole in your pocket by spending the expensive accessories as you do for the DSLR.


    Connected Always

    Usually, smartphone users are always connected to the internet and it is possible to share anything at anytime from anywhere. There are options to automatically sort the photos as per the event and recognize faces too.

    Become a Better Photographer

    Smartphone photography will push you out of your comfort zone. Shooting photos and videos with your smartphone is all about capturing moments that you might actually miss otherwise. You can do it to the best of your ability with just a limited toolset.


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