8 things that you can do with iPhones and not Android phones

Posted By: Nilakshi Pathak

iOS 11 has been rolled out for all iPhone and iPad devices, and more than 65 percent of the devices are already running on this latest update. We also have the latest 8.1 update for the Android users. When compared, it seems like the iOS 11 has the upper hand. Here are the eight things that you can do with iPhones but not with Android phones.

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iMessage services for the Apple users give them the power to have a conversation across all iOS devices. These messages can be decorated with images, stickers, song and lot more. One can see in from any iDevice and then have access to all the messages through the iCloud platform. The Android devices do not come with this synchronization in messages.

Do Not Disturb Mode While Driving

In Android devices, one has to set the ‘Do Not Disturb' mode manually. It is not true for the iPhone users. For improving the safety of the driver, the iPhone automatically sense if you are driving and then mute all the notification to avoid the distraction.

Filtering of the Spam Messages

The iPhone can automatically detect the spam messages and filter them out. Unlike Android device, one doesn't need to install a third-party app for filtering the spam messages.

Native Screen Recording

The iPhone screen can be recorded with additional voice input. Also, GIFs can be created by using this feature. This feature is also available for the Samsung devices. However, it is not available for all the Android smartphones.

Money Transactions across Messages

The Apple users can send and receive money through messages. A simple text is all that you need to have for carrying out all the money related transactions. This functionality is not available for the Android devices.

Drag-and-Drop Support

The Drag-and-Drop support allows you to transfer images, texts, URLs all across the device. This feature works best for the iPads. One can use the redesigned app switcher panel to drag and drop content across various apps.

Power to Control Battery and Performance of the Device

Apple has given the iOS users the ability to control the battery and performance of the device. This feature is available in the beta version, but it will be soon rolled out. It is something that the Android users desperately need but is still not available to them.

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Maintains Video Quality and Storage Space at the same time

Maintains Video Quality and Storage Space at the same time

The Android users can record excellent videos. But it has its drawback; the video will end up occupying a lot of space. Compressing the video in Android device simply means deteriorating the video quality. The iOS users have the HEIF/HEVC video format, which allows them to squeeze the video without compromising with its quality. This saves tons of space.

Wrap Up

iPhones have always managed to stay ahead of Android devices through their excellent updates. The best thing about the competition between iPhones and Android devices is that they end up giving remarkable features to the smartphone users.

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