Android 6.0 Marshmallow vs iOS 9.0: 8 Key Similarities and Differences!

    Phone comparisons are abundant, but let's have an interesting take on Android vs iOS. In this feature we compare offerings from Google Play Store and Apple's iOS 9.0.

    Similarities :

    Both the iOS and android, have laid a greater emphasis on better user experience and ease of use. Also both the companies are borrowing features from each others software as well as device features. Now, both the OS support app icons and widgets on the home screen. Both the Google Play Store and the IOS offer similar apps. The difference between the two lies only between the intricacies, customisation and how things appear on both the screens. However, both the IOS and the Android use different codes and that is where they are different.

    Approach & Flexibility:

    Apple's iOS has always been about simplicity and seamless experience for the ordinary user. Android on the other hand is designed for people who are not very into their devices. In comparison to iOS, the Android OS is very customisable and is easier for developers which. As Android is open source, it has helped the platform and developers of course.

    However, both the Android and the iOs can be tweaked beyond the official architecture provided by Google and Apple adding a lot more flexibility. While Apple users can jail break their devices, Android users can flash custom ROMs on their devices. But Apple users will be void of warranty if they jail break their devices.

    Android 6.0 Marshmallow vs iOS 9.0: 8 Similarities and Differences!

    UI Design:

    Ever since start, iOS has a simple and easy to use interface. Android has taken its approach towards simplicity only recently borrowing from Apple. Google's approach towards simplicity can be seen beginning only with Lollipop and now most recently with Marshmallow.

    Android marshmallow is smooth with simplicity and Android users can enjoy their devices more than before. The flexibility puts Android ahead of iOS.

    IOS remains a walled garden. However it offers better security and glitches for iOS users. However, there is reduced flexibility and it limits the options.

    Android 6.0 Marshmallow vs iOS 9.0: 8 Similarities and Differences!

    Battery Consumption:

    Both Apple and Google have improvised on the batteries of both Marshmallow and iOS 9.0 phones and this enhances the battery life of both the Marshmallow and iOS devices. The android Marshmallow has a Doze mode, while the iOS 9.0 has a low power mode.

    Doze on the Android Marshmallow appears to be far more smarter option to conserving battery. The Low Power Mode on the iOS 9.0follows a more conventional approach allowing users to optimize settings to conserve battery.

    Personal Assistant:

    Google has the Google Now on Android Marshmallow. Apple offers the Siri on iOS 9.0. Both the Siri and Google now offer users with apps to help users to organize their daily work to get the most out of their phones.

    While Google Now is more search oriented, Siri on the other hand is more personalised and less search oriented.But for all practical purposes, Google Now is reliable.

    Android 6.0 Marshmallow vs iOS 9.0: 8 Similarities and Differences!


    iOS 9.0 is supported for devices as old as the iPhone 4S dates 2011. Apple has control over the updates and users are completely at the mercy of Apple.

    Android Updates on the contrary are available only on new devices. This literally means that Android does not support software updates for a device that is older than 2 years.Among Android devices only the Nexus 5 and the LG G2 are two older devices that can receive the Android Marshmallow update.

    Furthermore, device makers often end up delaying the Software upgrades. Apple on the other hand pushes the updates very quickly. In case of Android devices only flagship devices like Nexus receive the updates rather quickly. Apple upgrades are far more simpler in comparison to Android devices which may even need custom ROM installation.

    Android 6.0 Marshmallow vs iOS 9.0: 8 Similarities and Differences!

    Mobile Payment:

    Google has replaced Google Wallet with Android Pay on Android Marshmallow. Android pay can also be used by Novice users. Apple has integrated Apple Pay on iOS 9.0.

    Both the Android Pay and Apple Pay have authentication systems like fingerprint verification. A number of Android devices out there come with a Fingerprint scanner. Apple has its TouchID ever since the iPhone 5S.

    Android 6.0 Marshmallow vs iOS 9.0: 8 Similarities and Differences!

    Final thought:

    While Android loyalists are fighting to prove the Android Marshmallow to be better than iOs 9.0. The Apple iOS 9.0 on the contrary is for someone who likes its simplicity. However, it brings its limitations. The Android is better for those who like to break rules and want to customise their phone.

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