Android P: Privacy and Security features you need to check right now

Posted By: Vishnu Sasidharan

Android P seems to aim for improving the security of phones. Certain aspects have been enhanced to prevent malicious attacks or invasion of privacy by apps and there are other things that have been done to ensure that the phone will have better cybersecurity. Android P has its focus set on preventing the repeat of old attacks and protecting against new possible threats.

Android P: Privacy and Security features you need to check right now

Android P or Android 9 has not yet revealed what the P stands for yet, but it’s almost symbolic that P is the first letter of Privacy as well. Few of the various new features that are present in the new Android P are as follows:

HTTPS instead of HTTP for all apps

The apps in Android P will be asked to establish HTTPS connections instead of HTTP. With HTTPS. Data which is transmitted through HTTPS will be much more secure and it will be almost impossible to intercept this data.

This does not mean Android P will stop apps from making HTTP connections at all.

No unauthorized backup restoration

You will not have the option of restoring your backups without one of the below three:

a) PIN

b) Password

c) Pattern

Before Android P, it was possible for a thief who was tech savvy to restore phones with just the login, but now, he will have to know your login and PIN. The only downside is that you will not be able to restore your phone if you forget one.

The Fingerprint Authentication Dialog will be consistent

The fingerprint scanner is used by a wide variety of apps, Android P make the look and feel of prompt that appears within each app consistent.

Lockdown Mode

By activating this option, you will be able to deactivate the authentication methods like fingerprint scanning and Smart Lock.

Restricted access to the Mic for background apps

Apps will not have access to your Mic when they are running in the background.

Restricted access to the Camera for background apps

Apps will not have access to your Camera when they are running in the background.

Prevent misuse of sensors

In previous versions of Android, the sensors within your phone could be misused by apps for learning a lot about you, for example, like the change in speed could be detected by the accelerometer. This was done through one-shot reporting. Android P prevents the occurrence of the malicious use of data from the sensors.

Alert tone when calls are recorded

Android P will play an alert tone every fifteen seconds if the other party is recording the calls that are being made.

Private DNS and DNS Over TLS

Your browsing history will be better protected because your DNS enquiries will be better protected as an encrypted connection over TLS will be made.

Protected Confirmation API

Before every transaction, the users will receive a prompt which can be used to reaffirm the transaction. Once a user agrees to the prompt, the app will in turn be provided with a cryptographic signature. This will help make transactions through the phone more secure.

Hardware Security Module

The Hardware Security Module will have a new feature called the StrongBox keymaster which protects against tampering.

The Hardware Serial Number is better protected

The unique ID that remains within each smartphone which is the key to retrieving smartphones is made unknown to apps present in the phone.

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