Top Android P features you should know

Android P is the next big Androd iteration and here we have detailed the notable features of the same.

Google released the Android P developer preview recently. The update comes with a handful of features. Though the first developer preview is out we cannot expect the actual Android P update to be released until fall this year. Undoubtedly, we can get to see more new features in the final Android P update but here are some of the top features from the first developer preview.

Notch support

With the launch of the iPhone X and Essential Phone, every other manufacturer is eying on the display notch. We have seen a slew of Android smartphones such as the Asus ZenFone 5 series, Oppo R15, Oppo F7, Huawei P20, P20 Pro, Vivo X21 and Vivo V9 featuring the display notch at the top. Even the LG G7 is rumored to feature the display notch and it has been confirmed that the OnePlus 6 will arrive with the notch.

Having said that, with the Android P update, Google is offering support for the notch with the camera and sensor cut-outs. Android P can accommodate notches of any size, be it wide, narrow, tall or short. With the display cut-out APIs, developers can find the location and shape of non-functional areas where the content is not intended to be displayed and these will help in designing the app.

Smart replies and inline images in notifications

Android P brings one of the much-awaited features, which is the ability to see few messages in notifications and reply to these messages with inline images and stickers. Also, the smart replies feature has been added to Android P.

Restrict camera and microphone access

Lately, there are allegations that Facebook and other such companies are listening to the conversations of users via the microphone of the phone to serve ads. This has become a major concern and Google has come up with a new security feature with the Android P update. The update will let users disable idle apps from accessing the microphone and camera of the smartphone. If any idle app is trying to access the microphone, it will report empty audio and the sensor will stop working.

Screenshot editing tool

Finally, Android P is coming up with a native screenshot editing tool. The OEMs have been providing such tools but the stock Android users did not have one such feature. This new screenshot edition tool is dubbed Markup and it will let users edit screenshots using various markup tools such as hands-free writing, text, paint, and more.

Up to 5 Bluetooth devices

Android Oreo offers support for a maximum of two Bluetooth devices. Now, Android P brings support for up to five Bluetooth devices. Eventually, users can connect all their Bluetooth devices simultaneously with their smartphone. This feature can be accessed from the developer mode. The other Bluetooth related options of Android P are the ability to change the audio channel mode, audio rate sample and more.

Volume keys

The volume keys have received a software upgrade as a part of Android P. The Android P will let the volume menu show easy shortcuts for media control and mute the phone, making it a very useful upgrade.

Indoor Navigation

Android P adds support for IEEE 802.11 mc Wi-Fi protocol called Wi-Fi RTT (Round Trip Time). As long as the device has hardware support, apps can use the new RTT API of Android P in order to estimate the indoor position. Usually, this position is accurate within one to two meters. With this accuracy, users can build new experiences such as in-building navigation.

Always On display and Lock Screen changes

Android P brings changes to the Always On display feature and lock screen of Android. The Always On Display will show the battery status as well at the bottom and this feature is quite handy. Also, the pattern lock on the lock screen will start fading as the user traces it.

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Apart from these changes, there are changes to the Settings menu, the Quick Settings menu, power button, mutli-camera API and more.

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