Apple iPhone 7: 10 Amazing Concepts We Wish To Be Real

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Apple reduced the price of its latest iPhones - iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus up to 16 percent. The iPhone 6s was introduced at a starting price of Rs. 62,000 and has fallen by 11 to 16 percent and now available in ranges between Rs. 52,000 and Rs. 55,000.

The new iPhone 6S and 6S Plus may have recently reached the hands of customers, but there are already rumors being circulate about next year's iPhone 7. Well, we will not see the iPhone 7 until the 2016 fall, which is a quite a way off.

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Actually, we are too far from the iPhone 7 launch, but there are more speculation that Apple will continue its standard of introducing a more powerful, efficient smartphone. There is not much details about the iPhone 7, but the internet is all abound with few concepts of the iPhone 7. Here are some of the concept designs we came across, have a look at the slider to know more.

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Wireless Charging

Apple iPhone 7 Rumor and Concept

The concept by Hasan Kaymak, seems to lack a Lightning port and the audio jack, so it totally switches to wireless connectivity, for both acoustics and power usage.

Edge-to-Edge Display

Apple iPhone 7 Rumor and Concepts

This concept is actually a follow-up of the full screen iPhone with no bezels. The concept image shows no home button, but looks like it the designer make it a virtual one.

Rounded Rear Design

Apple iPhone 7 Rumor and Concepts

This concept shows a rounded rear back with an edge-to-edge display and Smart Connector at the bottom instead of Lightning port. The home button is also got eliminated and the fingerprint scanner is now integrated within the display.

4.7 Inch Display

Apple iPhone 7 Rumor and Concepts

Jermaine Smit has came up with a detailed piece of work. The handset shown in the concept image seem to have the general iPhone format, also places the Home Button lower and makes the edges thinner. The overall design brings the iPhone 4 look a bit.

Too Thin Concept

Apple iPhone 7 Rumor and Concepts

This iPhone 7 concept was designed by Glaxon Paul in collaboration with ConceptsiPhone. This is one skinny iPhone and not only is it ultraslim, but it's also covered with glass at the front. Interestingly the upper and lower part of the glass mimic the older design approach, with a top and bottom bezel.

Less Bezel, Larger Display

Apple iPhone 7 Rumor and Concepts

The iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus have been given a new series of concepts. The main idea here is as follows: less bezel, larger screen and the same body size. The new iPhones were created by Glaxon Paul.

Classic Design

Apple iPhone 7 Rumor and Concepts

Designer Radu Cristian from Romania goes with a more classic approach. The concept shows a metallic slab, without a plastic cutouts for antenna. The handset is quite slim with very narrow bezels and home button.

No Home Button, Edge-to-Edge Display

Apple iPhone 7 Rumor and Concepts

The creation of design is Marek Weidlich from the Czech Republic. The 2016 iPhone as a product inspired by the Apple Watch, particularly in the UI department. The iPhone 7 concept features an edge-to-edge screen.

Curved Display

Apple iPhone 7 Rumor and Concepts

The device is curved upfront and at the back and seems almost cylindrical. Mesut G. Designs has created this render, which shows dual back speakers, a very discrete back camera and another pair of speakers at the bottom.

Rounded Top And Bottom

Apple iPhone 7 Rumor and Concepts

The iPhone 7 with rounded top and bottom created by Dusan Djokic, that uses premium materials, like glass and metal. This model is slimmer and a bit more seamless than the current gen iPhone. The real innovation here is the rounded top and bottom and somehow this model is a bit closer to the iPhone 4 and iPhone 5.

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