Apple iPhone 7 Plus vs Google Pixel XL: Do They Bring Along the Innovation We Need

    Do we need another high-end smartphone with a lofty price-tag while we are already confused between the existing ones? Well, we will leave that for you to decide.

    Apple iPhone 7 Plus vs Google Pixel XL: Which is Innovative

    However, only to add fuel to the flames, Google, the search engine giant has unveiled two new smartphones namely the Pixel and Pixel XL.

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    Google decided to jettison the Nexus series of smartphones which are widely known to offer the best Android experience owing to the new Pixel series. Google's CEO, Sundar Pichai, in a post stated that "The last 10 years have been about building a world that is mobile-first, turning our phones into remote controls for our

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    He added that "In the next 10 years, we will shift to a world that is AI-first, a world where computing becomes universally available - be it at home, at work, in the car, or on the go." But, does it really bring the innovation we need to the table. How does the Nexus 6P's replacement stack up against Apple iPhone 7 Plus in terms of metamorphosis? Let's find out.

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    Is omission of the headphone jack a step towards the future?

    Apple, not even for once, has taken a step backward when it comes to getting rid of tech it deems to be passé. For instance, the good old Floppy disk was replaced by USB since Steve Jobs regarded it archaic. In what appears to be a similar approach, Apple recently omitted the headphone jack from the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus.

    All the criticism apart, don't you think the headphone jack has been there with us for a while now? Sure, the wireless technology is in its nascent stages, it's quite expensive comparatively, and moreover, we are already content with whatever the 3.5mm jack can achieve. But, we've got to explore other options to progress, right? Moreover,Apple had proved time and again that it had been correct in its decisions to renounce obsolete technology.

    On the other hand, with the Pixel and Pixel XL, Google still continues to offer the ubiquitous 3.5mm headphone jack. Although we are not nitpicking about it since it seamlessly does what it's supposed to do, if merely seen from what new it brings to the table, certainly there isn't much.

    Does the highest DxOMark rating label mean something innovative?

    While we haven't gotten lucky to see the Google Pixel XL's camera in action just yet, according to what The Verge Reports, it has the highest DxOMark rated camera any smartphone has ever sported hitherto. But, does that mean the camera on the Pixel XL anything new as opposed to what we see on other flagships or, for that matter, its arch rival - the Apple iPhone 7 Plus? Well, we are afraid the answer is no. This, by any means, is not to belittle the Pixel XL's camera capabilities.

    On the flip side, Apple's iPhone 7 Plus rocks a dual camera setup at the back which Apple touts to be on par with the results you'd get from the images captured by a DSLR camera. Additionally, it offers support for 2x optical telephoto and a portrait mode which is capable of creating a greater sense of depth (the bokeh effect).

    While the dual camera setup on the Apple iPhone 7 Plus is not entirely a new tech (as far as the smartphone world is concerned), a few modes like the ones mentioned above are what makes it different and innovative.

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    3D Touch and Solid State Home button

    Despite rumours pointing towards a 3D Touch-like feature on the new set of Google smartphones, Pixel and Pixel XL doesn't offer any similar feature. And since it is a hardware feature, it is highly improbable for both of these smartphones to get support for this functionality via future Android updates.

    For those who are not in the know, Apple introduced the 3D Touch display (a pressure sensitive screen) back in 2015 with the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus. This tech allows the iPhones to differentiate between a hard press and a light press thereby offering different functionalities.

    Apart from killing the headphone jack, Apple has also killed the physical home button in favour of a Solid State Home button which simulates a mechanical button press. It makes use of Apple's Taptic Engine haptic feedback to provide such results.

    The battle of Artificial Intelligence

    At the heart of the Google Pixel series smartphones is the Google Assistant. Unlike the Apple's Siri whose functionality seems to be annoyingly restricted, Google Assistant can pretty much handle most of the tasks you throw at it to help you get things done. And this is what makes it special about the Pixel series smartphones.

    Like stated by Mr Pichai, this paradigm shift marks the company's journey towards an AI-first world.

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    Let's get this straight out of the way, Apple's new additions or the removal (pun intended), while not perfectly feasible in the current day scenario, points at a step towards the future.

    On the other hand, Google, instead of experimenting, follows a safe approach which is quite understandable since it's company's first effort to manufacture a smartphone inside and out.

    From what appears from above, Apple seems to be slightly ahead in the league but we believe Google will catch up (or may be leave behind) Apple in the near future.

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