6 Things That'll Happen if Apple Starts Manufacturing iPhones in India

Apple fans can rejoice soon!

    Earlier this year, when Tim Cook visited India, there were rumors that Apple is planning to manufacture iPhones and other gadgets in the country. Though the speculation was dismissed, it is back with a bang.

    6 Things That'll Happen if Apple Starts Manufacturing iPhones in India

    Well, this time, Apple is reportedly in plans to consider manufacturing its products in India seriously. The Cupertino-based tech tycoon is supposedly in talks with the authorities and allegedly plans to set up a manufacturing facility in Bengaluru, India. Already the company is facing the pressure to set up stores of its own in India. As of now, Apple is operating through distributors and hasn't set up its own stores in the country.

    Competitors of Apple including Samsung and others have already set up their manufacturing facilities in the country. Eventually, it makes sense for the Tim Cook led company to follow suit. As of now, Apple is making its devices in China along with Foxconn. In addition to Foxconn, the company also has other manufacturers in China.

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    Having said these, if Apple starts manufacturing its products in India as rumored, there will definitely be a lot of changes, especially good ones. The Apple fans in India were waiting for the company to start manufacturing in the country and set up its stores and it looks like these are finally all set to happen.

    Pushing the rumor aside, here we have listed a few things that will definitely happen if this speculation of manufacturing iPhones in India becomes a reality.

    There's no denying the fact that iPhone will become a lot cheaper

    Apple iPhones are the most expensive and premium phones in the country. Owning an iPhone is considered to be status symbol in the country and there is a great demand for the older models as well. The exorbitant pricing of iPhones is due to the import duties and taxes that are imposed as iPhones are designed in the U.S. and made in China. Eventually, if iPhones are made in India, the price will be minus the world tour that it usually involves and the phones will become a lot cheaper.

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    There'll be better availability

    As iPhones are imported and not made in India, only a specific number of distributors can purchase the units and sell them in the country. Though Apple has both offline and online distributors, there is an issue in the availability of iPhones at times. This happens when the region is not serviced by online retailers and lacks an authorized physical reseller as well. The same occurs when there are requirements for repair and replacement or when components run out of stock.

    No more waiting in long queues

    Usually, Apple stores witness long queues right after the launch of an iPhone despite the iPhones being made available at resellers such as Croma. If Apple starts manufacturing iPhones in the country, the company will also set up its own stores over here. With Apple stores, there will be a significant improvement in the reach and it will help users buy iPhones from these stores directly without queuing up outside the distributor outlets.

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    Shipping time will go down

    As soon as Apple announces a new product, the wait for the same begins. By saying wait, we mean the time it takes for the device to reach the Apple stores and then to ship to the other countries. Apple has segmented the countries into three zones and India belong to the third zone, so people in India will get the Apple products only after the other two zones. Though there is an improvement in the delivery and launch timeline of iPhone in India, these are still not satisfactory. If Apple starts manufacturing its products in India, the wait will surely reduce.

    There won't be any necessity to make international purchases

    Most iPhone users in the country buy the devices from international markets for two reasons: one being cheaper pricing and the other being quick shipping of the units. People prefer buying iPhones from international markets despite the fact that the units will not have any warranty. With the iPhones being made in India, the international purchase will definitely go down and people will stick to the iPhones that are manufactured in the country itself.

    Benefits aren't limited only to customers

    The benefits that customers will enjoy if iPhones are made India are clearly mentioned above. One thing that the benefits of manufacturing iPhones in India are not limited only to the customers. Apple will also get to enjoy better profits. Having said that the import duties and taxes will be removed, Apple can save a considerable amount on the shipping costs. Despite the drop in price, the company will still get a considerable margin of profits from the iPhones that are made in India.


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