Apple plans to make iPhone 8 transparent with the help of this technology

Surreal yet possible!

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    It appears as if Apple is prepping hard to give a fitting reply to all those who have been criticizing it for sticking to the same design for almost 3 years in a row now. At least, the recent patent the company has been granted with says so.

    Apple plans to make iPhone 8 transparent with the help of holes

    Yes, that's right. Apple has been granted a patent that allows it to hide sensors that are usually flanked on the forehead and chin of the device under an edge-to-edge display.

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    While we have no clue if this is merely a coincidence since there have been an overwhelming amount of rumors suggesting that the iPhone 8 would come with such huge design overhaul, but then again, the patent does fan the flames.

    Well, going by these rumors, the iPhone 8 seems like a dream-come-true device. But, what will it be like in reality? Let's find out.

    The technology

    Like mentioned earlier, the new patent granted to Apple allows it to hide sensors under the OLED display with the help of holes. The patent filed by Apple for ‘Electronic devices having displays with openings' describes a method by which "various components can be mounted behind perforations in a device screen that are so small as to be imperceptible to the human eye. This arrangement would allow engineers to design a smartphone or tablet with a true edge-to-edge or full-face display."

    To put it in other words, the OLED display of the upcoming iPhone will have openings otherwise called holes. These holes could allow the company to mount various electronic components such as light sensors, camera, and speakers among others behind the display.


    The looks

    A display with holes? That sounds weird, how will the iPhone look?

    It sure may seem strange, but as far as the aesthetics are concerned, there won't be any change except for a complete edge-to-edge or full-face screen. As Apple Insider cites, the openings (or holes) could be so small that it's almost impossible for a human eye to spot them.

    In fact, according to the report, the iPhone will appear like a single slab of glass with all the sensors tucked below the display. Also, the space between the pixels in OLED display could allow for a "window" to let users see through it (which exactly brings us to the next point).


    The applications

    Such display, with the so-called openings (or holes), would be ideal for Augmented Reality. As the device features a see-through display, users would just have to point the iPhone at a restaurant or whatever it is to get information using AR capabilities.

    To recall, Apple had also been granted a patent to use AR on its iPhones. So, it may not be totally unsurprising to see the upcoming iPhone 8 with AR features. But again, there's no guarantee that Apple will implement this technology in the much-rumored iPhone 8. But if it does, we already know how it's going to work.


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