Are you making these 10 mistakes while using a Smartphone?

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Well almost everyone owns a smartphone these days but do we use it as smartly as we should. It's time we learn some smart moves and wise decisions that we need to make while using a Smartphone.

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Not keeping a security Password/Pattern

Smartphone Mistake 1

You don't want your four year old nephew to start chatting on Whatsapp through your account or your friends or family members making unwanted calls from your phone. So in order to avoid all these dilemmas you need to set a login Password or a Pattern. However out of the two, Passwords are considered to be more secure form of protection as they are slightly hard to crack then the Pattern method. Having a login protection also gives time to the anti-theft app that you might have installed to wipe the data and locate your phone.

Connecting to Public Wi-Fi Networks

Smartphone Mistake 2

With Free Wi-Fi come free risks! Public Wi-Fi networks are vulnerable because hackers could use such connections to remotely access your smartphone and scoop out important information. So stick to only familiar Wi-Fi networks that are password protected. If you have an urgency to use a public Wi-Fi network then connect to it through VPN (Virtual Private Network). This would help you to securely access even Public networks.

Not cleaning your Smartphone

Smartphone Mistake 3

Research suggests that at times there are more germs on your cell phone than on a toilet seat. So we suggest you clean your Smartphone with an anti-bacterial solution at least once a week. You just have to apply a little anti-bacterial solution on cotton and wipe your phone with it.

Not charging your Smartphone correctly

Smartphone Mistake 4

Over charging your phone can greatly damage your battery like keeping it on charge all night. The electricity flows forces the battery to stay at 100% all the time and this can cause damage to the battery in the long run.

Also completely draining out the battery and then putting it on charge causes the battery to heat up. Like all the way from 5% to 100% will put a great amount of pressure on the battery causing it to heat up very much. This may damage the longevity of the battery life.

Not installing Anti-Virus

Smartphone Mistake 5

A Smartphone is basically a small computer so just like the computer needs an Anti-Virus so does the mobile. An anti-virus app will protect your phone from malware and virus that can creep in through internet, Bluetooth or computers. Some of the anti-virus apps available for android users are McAfee Security, AVG, Avast, etc. And Iphone users need not worry about malwares and viruses as the entire Apple ecosystem works in very close wall and secure environment.

Not installing Anti-Theft Apps

Smartphone Mistake 6

Assuming that your phone will not be stolen is the first step towards the mistake. An Anti-Theft app can remotely erase all your data thereby preventing it from falling in the wrong hands and it can also locate your phone. Now how cool is that! So for android users there are apps like Cerberus, FindMyPhone and Prey Anti-Theft. For Iphone users FindMyIphone and NotMyPhone are one of the free apps.

Not Installing Software Updates Regularly

Smartphone Mistake 7

A software update basically improves your phones functionality like battery life, interface and etc. Updates for apps are also essential as they work on the issues such as security gaps, glitches and new information. So basically it's very important to install these software updates of the system and apps in order to keep your phone running on optimum levels.

Installing Random Apps

Smartphone Mistake 8

It's important to check on the apps that you download i.e. at least do they have a good product rating and good reviews from the other users. Because some apps may contain malwares and hackers can even manipulate the data on your phone through such apps.

Accessing Random Links

Smartphone Mistake 9

Remember what your mother told you about strangers well the same logic applies here ‘Don't respond'. If anyone sends you a random link through email or SMS then avoid clicking it as it may give someone unauthorised access to your phone. Some smart hackers can collect information like your location and other sensitive data that you might have stored on your phone.

Keeping the Bluetooth ON

Smartphone Mistake 10

Turning on the Bluetooth not only drains your battery but also gives the hacker a chance to access your phone. As Bluetooth connection has an average range of 10 meters, an hacker can easily access your phone and take out important information. So if you are sending or receiving the files then only turn ON the Bluetooth.

Being Logged in all the time

Smartphone Mistake 11

Make sure you log off from app/sites like Paytm, Flipkart, Facebook and etc. As such apps or sites contain important information and such information can be misused during the time of theft. So uncheck the box that asks to save your username and password. Also avoid automatic or saved logins to financial or e-banking apps.

Saving Bank or Credit Card details on phone

Smartphone Mistake 12

It's easy to distinguish between a mobile number and a credit card PIN that is saved as a phone contact or any such important numbers. So avoid storing any such financial details on your phone as it can make you very vulnerable.

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