From Feature Phones to Smartphones: Nokia's Milestones in the Global Market

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    Nokia lost the competition in the mobile phone market, but it could be difficult to point a mobile user who hasn't used a Nokia handset in their life. For most middle-aged mobile users, a phone from Nokia would have been the first ever handset that they owned.

    From Feature Phones to Smartphones: Here Are the Nokia Milestones

    However, after its acquisition by Microsoft, Nokia wasn't pretty successful and there aren't any astonishing announcements from the Finland-based manufacturer in the past few years. Now, Nokia is in the headlines as the company is planning to launch Android-powered smartphones in 2017 in collaboration with HMD Global.

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    Though Nokia has not launched any great phone in the recent times, there are a slew of popular phones from the company and those were used by millions of people across the world. Today, in this post, we have compiled 13 such Nokia phones including the feature phones and smartphones that created a revolution in the mobile arena.

    Come, take a nostalgic tour of Nokia phones from below.

    Nokia 1100

    The Nokia 1100 was one of the widely used feature phone across the world. The phone is compact, carries a low price tag, and quite rugged. The Nokia 1100 has the strength to withstand drops and falls. The USP of this handset is the torchlight feature and it is one of the first phones to come equipped with this feature.

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    Nokia 3300

    The Nokia 3300 was one of the best selling phones in the market in early 2000s and it recorded a largest sale volume too around the world selling over 126 million units. With the success of this handset, a few variants of the same were also launched. Apart from the usual calls and SMS, this phone was used by users for the traditional snake game.

    Nokia 6600

    The Nokia 6600 is a noted model in the 6xxx Classic Business series of phones from the company. It was developed by Nokia and runs Symbian OS 7.0 OS (Series 60 second edition). It is the first phone to feature Bluetooth, a music player, a VGA camera, and memory card slot. It is a great innovation in the field of mobile phones.

    Nokia N70

    Nokia N70 is a 3G cellphone and it is the beginning of the N series of phones launched in 2005. The highlights of this phone is the presence of a front camera for video calling similar to Nokia 6680. The device came with Bluetooth, FM radio, advanced music player, and support for 3D Java and Symbian games as well.

    Nokia N9300

    The Nokia N9300 is based on Nokia Series 80 Symbian. It can be used as an ordinary phone when it is closed, but on flipping it open, the device can be used as a scratch pad PC and will feature a 640x200 screen. Otherwise, the device will automatically operate in speakerphone when it is open and it is similar to a Communicator.

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    Nokia N8

    The Nokia N8 was a game changer in the mobile phone market when the Symbian platform ruled the market segment. The phone grabbed the attention of the users when Android was not sought after a lot by the mobile users. The device came with an 8MP camera sensor with Carl Zeiss optics creating a revolution in the smartphone industry.

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    Nokia 808 PureView

    The Nokia 808 PureView is a Symbian phone that was launched in 2012 and this phone took Nokia's innovative ability to a great new level. The phone makes use of PureView camera technology with a 41MP camera at its back. This camera sensor uses pixel oversampling method to provide great quality photos. The technology became a standout feature and set a new benchmark in the cell phone camera tech.

    Nokia E71

    Have you used a QWERTY Nokia phone? Well, the Nokia E71 is first such phone that was aimed at the enterprise users. Back then, this phone was the best business phone in the market and was good enough to compete against the QWERTY BlackBerry phones.

    Nokia Lumia 520

    The Lumia 520 was a best selling Nokia smartphone as it is an entry-level device running the Windows OS. The device was popular for its good looks, decent performance, and pocket-friendly price tag. This Nokia smartphone was an attention grabber in the Nokia portfolio and many smartphone buyers upgrading from feature phones chose this device.

    Nokia Asha 502

    The Nokia Asha series was popular as the phones were priced competitively and gave a good user experience when Android was dominating the mobile market. These handsets combined a new OS and compact body and were good enough for using the internet and social media websites.

    Nokia Lumia 1020

    The Lumia 1020 is a combination of the Windows OS and 41MP PureView camera technology. This smartphone was preferred by the photographers who do not want to carry their DSLR everywhere they go.

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    Nokia Lumia 1520

    The Lumia 1520 from Nokia is a good phablet that was one of the flawless offerings in the market. The device came with a 6-inch dsplay and it is one of the biggest phones ever from Nokia's stable. The Lumia 1520 features a 20MP camera at its back for a simply awesome photography experience.

    Nokia XL

    Nokia is of course re-entering the smartphone market with Android smartphones, but the company is not new to making phones running the Android OS. Nokia has already launched three smartphones with the Google's OS. The Nokia XL is one of them.

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