Best Smartphone Technology We've Seen This Year

    Lots and lots of technology are being invented these days in all walks of life including home appliances, Cars, bikes. One of the fields that have seen more growth in less duration is undoubtedly the Smartphone Industry.

    Best Smartphone Technology We've Seen This Year

    As the day passes by, new varieties of technology are being implemented on the little device to make user experience smooth and easier. Today, we have jotted down 3 technologies that made an impact on the smartphone industry this year.

    Iris Scanner

    With Galaxy S8 and S8+, Samsung has implemented the Iris scanner for its smartphones that unlocks the phone by reading unique patterns from your eyes. It is virtually impossible to replicate, meaning iris authentication is one of the safest ways to keep your phone locked and its contents private.

    All you need to do is to hold up your Galaxy S8 or S8+ and align your eyes with the twin circles on-screen to scan your irises.


    Better low light photography

    At last, Google has managed to crack the algorithm to a better low light photography with Pixel. While we are sure about the coding part, the company worked hard on the software side and added a new gyroscope-based video stabilization system that reads gyro data 200 times per second for smoother panning and shake-free video recording.

    Dual camera smartphones

    After fingerprint scanner, Dual camera setup is the latest trend in the market. This dual setup includes two camera lenses either horizontally or vertically next to each other with independent modules.

    While the primary lens does all the major works, the secondary lens works on capturing additional light, increasing the field of view or helps with a nice background blur.



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