Breaking down the math of dual camera setups

Dual camera setups have more than just one type of configuration while they are installed on a smartphone which includes BGR and monochrome setup, telephoto lens setup and wide angle lens setup.

    Dual camera setups on mobile phones have become widely popular and a thing of 2017. Several devices boast dual camera setups which are favored by consumers, especially camera enthusiasts. However, there are various customizations for smartphone makers to choose from while they install two lenses or as a lot of people call it two cameras.

    Breaking down the math of dual camera setups

    Lets first look into the history of dual camera setup in handsets before we proceed any further. Well, the first smartphone to boast a dual camera setup was from HTC, the Taiwanese mobile phone manufacturer. HTC Evo 3D had a dual camera setup to capture somewhat 3D videos that were supported on the 3D screen of the device.

    The technology was certainly an innovation apart among hundreds of camera devices that were all about megapixels back in 2011. HTC Evo 3D brought in something no one had ever expected although it failed to leave an undaunted mark.

    In 2014 HTC came back with One M8 equipped with the dual camera that worked simultaneously and delivered a bokeh picture after a few edits post capturing.

    HTC One M8 gave everyone an insight into the future of the smartphone cameras. However, it took another couple of years for the technology to hit the handsets in full swing. In 2016 iPhone 7 Plus redefined dual camera setup by integrating a telephoto lens along with a usual wide lens.

    By the time Apple had integrated the feature to its iPhone 7 Plus Huawei had already come up with a device that boasted two lenses.

    There is a basic difference in the camera setup of the two devices. While the former offers a second telephoto lens Huawei offered something entirely different. One of its lenses captured images in RGB while the other took monochromatic images. Both images, when combined, formed a sharp and detailed final image.

    Since there have been several dual camera setup integrations which have been listed along with the details of their functionality:

    Telephoto lens with a normal lens

    Like iPhone 7 Plus, OnePlus 5 also offers one telephoto lens along with a usually wide lens. The two cameras operate on devices with such camera setup perform separately.

    Breaking down the math of dual camera setups

    While users can click portraits with the telephoto lens which offers a decent optical zoom comparable to a 50 mm prime lens, the bokeh effect they create around their subject is software generated. None the less, the subject of the picture has commendable sharpness.

    Super-wide angle lens with a normal lens

    LG came up with this combination to introduce a new angle to the dual camera setup. LG G5 comes with a normal lens coupled with a super-wide angle lens offering a field view of 135 degrees. Wide angle lenses are great for landscape and street photography.

    Breaking down the math of dual camera setups

    LG X Cam is the next in line with a similar dual camera setup. Although, it offers a field view of 120 degrees it gives users an option to capture pictures with combined effects of the two lenses.

    Talking of combination lets talk about the next type of dual camera setup.

    RGB with monochrome pictures

    This dual camera setup does not offer a different perspective of two different lenses but rather clicks pictures from both the lenses simultaneously to deliver a sharp and crisp final image. Huawei P9 and Honor 8 are brilliant examples of such dual camera smartphones. Essential PH-1, which is the first smartphone from Android co-founder Andy Rubin is also reported to boast a similar camera.

    Breaking down the math of dual camera setups

    Well, this all the dual camera setups have to offer as for now. However looking at the evolution of the dual camera setup there is no imagining where we might end up in a couple of years.

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