Capture a Crystal Clear Picture in Low Light With Your Google Pixel Smartphone

Google Pixel phones capture blurry photos is one problem suffered by several users. Here's one way to capture great pictures with a hidden camera feature in low light situation.

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Claimed to be the 'best smartphone' to buy, Google's Pixel phones have common up with very many problems. Of these new features, the camera set up is the key issue.

Capture a Great Picture in Low Light on Google Pixel Smartphone

In our earlier article on the problems faced by Google Pixel phone users, we had spoken about the camera capturing blurry pictures, which is perhaps the biggest problem of the smartphone.

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Along with this, there is another issue. In fact, its an area that Google Pixel phones are lacking is while capturing pictures in low light situations, according to The Verge, that they had mentioned in the Low Light Point.

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However, we at GizBot, have come up with a simple trick to click crystal clear pictures with your Google Pixel smartphone in low light.

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The Auto HDR+ Feature is Your Rescue

Although the camera of the Pixel phones is claimed to be not that great and is also not quite effective in low light situation, as per The Verge has claimed. However, there's one hidden feature that solves the issue, the Auto HDR+. This feature is a part of the Pixel cameras, which not many users are aware off.

How Does Auto HDR+ Feature Work?

In order to capture low-light shots, the Auto HDR+ function instead of capturing one photo with a longer exposure time captures a sequence of photos in rapid succession. This allows the darker areas of the scene to be brightened.

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STEP 1: Open the Camera Icon in Pixel Phone and Click on 'Auto HDR+' Option

The Pixel users are first required to open the camera icon on their phones, go to settings and toggle ON the Auto HDR+ option when to click a picture in low light.

STEP 2: Click Pictures in Low Light

With the feature being ON, the camera will click series of pictures that allow the photographer to capture photos without blown highlights as explained above.

What the Auto HDR+ Feature Lacks in?

The Auto HDR+ mode of the Pixel camera set up usually doesn't work when capturing things like fast moving subjects and daylight situations.

Another major drawback of the feature is once toggled ON, the Pixel phone users will have to set the ON/OFF button whenever they open the camera application.

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