Don’t Miss: First 10 Things To Do With Your New iPhone 7

    Switching to the new iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus won't be a big deal if you are/ were an iPhone user.

    Don’t Miss: First 10 Things To Do With Your New iPhone 7

    But, it could be slightly intimidating for those who haven't used an iPhone before. With this in mind, we've come up with a list of 10 important things to do first after buying an iPhone.

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    So, without further ado, let's quickly check what they are.

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    Create an Apple ID

    The first and foremost thing is to create an Apple ID. It's is the most essential and important thing for all the iPhone (or any Apple products) users. It's like a ticket for you to join the Apple ecosystem.

    You'll need Apple ID for all the transactions you plan to do, be it downloading apps, purchasing music, downloading movies, iCloud, FaceTime, and all things Apple.

    Install iTunes on your PC

    Another most important thing you have to do is to download Apple iTunes. Adding or deleting music, updating your phone, restoring your phone taking backups, and more all of these activities can only be done via iTunes. Of course, you can do a few of these things with third-party apps, but we recommend you to install iTunes, it can come in very hand at times.

    Get your phone started

    Once you have created an Apple ID it's time for you to get your iPhone running. On turning your device on you'll be greeted with a Hello message. You'll be given proper instructions, follow them to set up your device.

    Choose how your home button should feel

    Apart from killing the headphone port, Apple also killed the clickable home button and replaced it with a solid-state home button similar to the Force Touch trackpad seen on the MacBook Pro. This new button takes help of Apple's Taptic Engine to simulate a button press. It allows you to select between 3 button press feels.

    Set up Touch ID

    Next, set up Touch ID. You can use it to unlock your phone or you can use it for other transactions as well. For example, whenever you download an app from the App Store, you have to enter the password instead, you can use Touch ID.



    Set up Find My iPhone

    Not many users do this but, we recommend you to set up Find My iPhone on the first day itself. It can be very useful if you happen to lose your iPhone. You can track the location of your lost device using this app.

    Explore the phone

    Though, it's not entirely different from its predecessors, the iPhone 7 packs in a few new features. Be sure to check them out.

    Capture Live photos

    We know you've been dying to check out the camera. Why not? It's one of the best (if not the best) cameras a smartphone has ever had. You can also capture Live Photos on the new iPhone 7. Now start filling that 32GB of your iPhone with photos.

    Record 4K videos

    Apple's new 12 MP camera allows you to capture 4K videos at 30fps. So, stop whatever you are doing and start recording a 4K video.

    Download new apps

    Apple's App Store has a large collection of apps and trust me, large is an understatement. So, start downloading the apps you like, remember you'll need the Apple ID to download apps.


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