Fall Of LG Smartphones: Contemplating With The Last Of LG Smartphones


LG smartphones arm shut down recently, despite the launch of several successful, unique mobile units. I recently used and reviewed the LG K42 smartphone, a budget device with military-grade certification. The smartphone experience was hassle-free and seamless to use. This made me wonder - why did LG smartphones fail? Here's what I think.


Fall Of LG Smartphones: Contemplating With The Last Of LG Smartphones

Using An LG Smartphone

The smartphone technology is ultra-fast, bringing out upgraded devices almost on a daily basis. This means the model you're using right now is already outdated. Holding the LG K42 in my hand, I realized this might one of the last devices from the company - with future updates in the limbo of uncertainty.

To note, the LG K42 that I used for a while is a typical affordable smartphone. The device packs a 6.6-inch LCD panel with a 13MP quad-camera setup and draws power from the MediaTek Helio P22 SoC and a 4,000 mAh battery. Plus, it included MIL-STD 810 military-grade certification that protected the smartphone from falls, dust, and water.

Fall Of LG Smartphones: Contemplating With The Last Of LG Smartphones

These features are currently available on several smartphones from Chinese brands like Realme, Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo, and others, for around Rs. 10,000. You'll even find this segment quite crowded with overlapping choices, that might be confusing while buying. Despite so many choices, most of these brands seem to be thriving in India. This brings us back to the question - why did LG smartphones fail?

Why Did LG Smartphones Fail?

To note, LG is one of the pioneers of display technology. The company has announced and teased several unique display technology like foldable ones, rollable ones, ones that swivel like the LG Wing, and so on. Plus, we saw smartphones like the LG G8X ThinQ that launched with a detachable dual-screen setup and the LG G Flex with a unique rear design.


Fall Of LG Smartphones: Contemplating With The Last Of LG Smartphones

According to Counterpoint Research, several factors ultimately led to the downfall of LG smartphones. Firstly, the report suggests a gradual decrease in sales. In 2013, LG announced the G Series, which made a powerful entry into the market; however, LG smartphones began to see a gradual downfall starting in 2015.

LG also launched smartphones spread across a wide price range. We have premium flagships under the ThinQ series and we have affordable smartphones like the LG K42. Despite covering all the price brackets, buyers weren't interested in LG anymore.

Fall Of LG Smartphones: Contemplating With The Last Of LG Smartphones

Reports suggest it goes beyond mere smartphone design, OS, and the features offered. To note, LG's drop in sales also syncs well with the boom of Chinese brands, including premium ones like OnePlus. Not to mention a shifting focus on Samsung and Apple as smartphone choices across the world.

Will LG Smartphones Be Missed?

LG surely did bring in several innovative designs and features. Keeping Chinese brands aside, we have companies like Nokia that readily take up LG's place in the market with affordable smartphones. As far as unique designs are concerned, we have Samsung, Motorola dominating the industry with foldable smartphones.

Reports suggest Xiaomi and others are soon to follow to explore the foldable display. That said, LG To be honest, no, LG smartphones won't be missed, at least not in India. To conclude, one can simply say it's been quite a ride for LG smartphones, but I guess it's time to move on. No?

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