Find Out the Reason Why Apple Never Attends CES or Any Other Trade Shows

Now you know it.

    CES is the buzzword now. And in all its likelihood, every second article you read in the past couple of days, one way or the other, should be related to CES. No one is to blame that, for CES is one of the biggest trade shows that usually commences in early January, every year.

    Find Out the Reason Why Apple Never Attends CES

    Given how big the platform is, many tech companies including the likes of Samsung and LG give a sneak peak of their upcoming and most innovative technology.

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    Considering this, it's only obvious to expect high-profile companies like Apple to be a part of the show. But, if you believe so, then you may be wrong this time. Why?

    While the Cupertino-based tech giant had always kept mum, there are several potential reasons why Apple never makes it to CES or such trade shows. Let's talk about them one-by-one.

    Not the one to share the limelight

    A trade show means involvement of a lot of people from the tech industry, which means a lot of PR happening. However, there will be n number of exhibitors present at the trade show and perhaps Apple wouldn't want to share the limelight after all.

    What if Apple doesn’t launch anything

    Attending such events means endorsing them. If Apple ever goes ahead, endorses them, attend the event, and not launch anything it'd result in misleading information. And you now, people never give second thoughts to write negative stories about the company.

    By now, you must be wondering if you attend such shows, you might as well unveil a product. But, the question "Why Apple never does that," exactly brings us to the next point.


    Apple organizes its events

    Launching products at such shows means sticking to someone else's cycle. Now, why would Apple consider sticking to someone else's cycle especially, when it Apple has its own events which not to mention intrigues the entire tech industry like no other event does. Makes sense, right?

    Apple, the name itself will do

    Last but not the least, we are talking Apple here, and the name itself is enough to break the internet and create the kind of interest that it creates.

    Note: All the reasons mentioned above are merely speculations and Apple never confirmed if any of them hold true.

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