Here's how you can get stock Android experience on your smartphone without rooting it

Here are few tips to get the Stock Android feeling on your smartphone without rooting it.

By: Nilakshi Pathak

Different companies manufacture android smartphones and thanks to it, different Android skins are available to us. But there is a difference between Android and Stock Android smartphones. Google-approved phones like Motorola phones and Nexus series claims that they give their users a “pure” Android experience and therefore these phones are labeled as Stock Android.

Here's how you can get stock Android experience on your smartphone

The phone-makers customize user interfaces in their Android smartphones and hence in a way, prevent them from exploring the full potential of Android. One way of experiencing the Stock Android feeling is by rooting your smartphone. The truth is most of us don’t want to do that. The reason being it voids the warranty of your smartphone and also rooting smartphone is a complicated process, and it can even brick your device. Here are few tips to get the Stock Android feeling on your smartphone without rooting it.

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Switch to Google Now Launcher

The latest Android version has been rolled only for the Stock Android smartphone, but still, you can get the newest flavor by using Google Now Launcher as your default launcher. Loved by many, this launcher can be installed on any smartphone. It is similar to the launcher that operates on Motorola and Nexus phones.

Text on Google Keyboard

Android manufactures heavily customizes the interface of their phones which also includes customizing the keyboard. Most often keyboards of third-party apps or proprietary keyboards are given to the user. But that's not what the Nexus and Motorola phone users are using! Switch to the Google keyboard which is a much better version of the customized keyboard that you are using.

With features like autocorrect, good material design, synchronization of your patterns and words across all your Android devices, Google Keyboard is nothing but a gem! Apart from that, Google keyboard supports many languages other than English. Get comfortable in your regional language through Google Keyboard.

Capture Photos from Google Camera

You may be fully satisfied with the robust camera of your smartphone that comes with tons of features but do you need all these features? Get rid of such complications through Google Camera which has a simple user interface. It not only simples the process of clicking pictures but also gives you the best image possible.

Another feature of Google Camera is that it doesn't force the image in a specified square and rectangular shape. Instead, it uses the default aspect ratio of your sensor to click capture the picture perfectly!

Give Stock Android a try

There is a lot of hype about Stock Android but to answer the question if it is worth it, you need to experience it. Switch to various apps offered by Google because it is cleaner and better than the multiple apps which you are forced to use on your smartphone. Get the Stock Android feeling by switching to Google's app and let us know if you like it!

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