Google, Lenovo Announce their First Project Tango Smartphone: 10 Important Things You Need to Know!

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During CES 2016, the Chinese handset maker Lenovo has announced the development of its first consumer mobile device with 'Project Tango' in ties with the search engine giant Google.

Google, Lenovo Announce Project Tango Smartphone: 10 Important Facts

Available in summer 2016, the new smartphone powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, turns the screen into a magic window that can overlay digital information and objects onto the real world.

What is Project Tango?

Google's Project Tango is a technology platform that uses advanced computer vision, depth sensing, and motion tracking to create on-screen 3D experiences, allowing users to explore their physical environments via their device.

How can it be done?

With the specialized hardware and software combined, the device reacts to every moments of the user (when they step forward, back or step aside and etc). Also, the Project Tango-enabled devices can recognize places, they've been before like your living room, the office and etc.

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Using the sensor in the device, Project Tango devices can also capture the 3D dimensions of the room, giving measurements that can be used to help you when shopping for furniture or decorations.

Today we bring you the top 10 points you need to know about 'Project Tango'.

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Tango involves 3D technology

Fact #1

This 'Project Tango' is all about showcasing the indoor area mapping with 3D machine vision technology.

Three vertical lenses!

Fact #2

This device comes with three vertical lenses which gives information including - color, depth and wide angle peripheral vision of the place.

Costs Less than Rs. 30,000

Fact #3

The smartphone with 'Project Tango' will cost less than $500 (approx Rs. 33,000).

Lenovo takes care of processing

Fact #4

The compiled information is processed by the Lenovo processing unit inside the device along with real-time mapping with exact measurements to build a 3D map of the area.

Shipped with Android OS

Fact #5

As per the report, this device will be shipped with Android OS with the screen size less than 6.5-inch.

Interested in Project Tango? Submit your ideas now!

Fact #6

Interested developers can submit their respective Tango app idea to Google. The selected ideas will be funded and featured in their device.

T&C Apply

Fact #7

Developers can submit the ideas to Google till Feb 15, 2016.

It gives you the precise measurement

Fact #8

Project Tango can take the precise measurement of the room generate spatial awareness for your phone.

This is how its done!

Fact #9

This concept involves an infrared emitter and infrared camera, which acts a range-finder to measure the distance between your device and the object. Meanwhile, the wide angle camera adds details about the location, angles and many more.

And it belongs to..!

Fact #10

This Project Tango team is led by Johnny Lee, while the concept was created by Google's Advanced Technology And Projects group.

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