Google's Next Nexus Handset Rumors: 5 Things to Know About Upcoming Nutella Phone

The Nexus 2016 is one of the highly anticipated smartphones that will be launched this fall. The Nexus phones have usually had the tech enthusiasts excited as Google handles everything such as support, development and marketing of the devices, and looks to the manufacturers to just create the product.

Google's Next Nexus Handset Rumors: 5 Things to Know

At the Google I/O we didn't get to see a developer preview of the Nexus 7 smartphone, but we have seen three previews earlier this year. Lately, the fourth preview of the smartphone was also out.

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While there are rumors that the next Nexus smartphone will be launched as early as August, we have come up with a slew of rumors in this roundup story that are making rounds on the internet.

Google's Next Nexus Handset Rumors: 5 Things to Know

Nexus 2016 to run on Android Nutella

In the recent preview, Hiroshi Lockheimer, the senior vice president in charge of Android showed a screenshot of him entering Nutella and it was displayed on the search page of Google. He had also captioned the post stating "Just testing some stuff out...". This tipped that the Android N might soon be called Android Nutella.

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Also, the Nexus smartphones will be the first ones to arrive with the latest iteration of Android out of the box. Similarly, it is believed that the upcoming Nexus phone will be based on Android Nutella. Obviously, Android N will bring new features such as 3D Touch display tech, improved camera specs, a new Google Photo backup feature, and a lot more to this year's Nexus smartphone.

Google's Next Nexus Handset Rumors: 5 Things to Know

Huawei will make the Nexus phone

Google has already partnered with three smartphone manufacturers including LG, Huawei, Motorola, and HTC to make its Nexus smartphones. This time, for the Nexus 2016, it is confirmed that Huawei will be the one.

Huawei will be making the second consecutive Nexus this year. Well, an Huawei executive even confirmed that they are doing the Nexus again this year.

Google's Next Nexus Handset Rumors: 5 Things to Know

Two Nexus Phones to be Launched?

Many anticipate HTC to be a Nexus partner this year so we can expect an high-end and an affordable device from Google. This goes in line with Google's confirmation last year that it will launch two Nexus smartphones every year.

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One of it will be a Nexus X that will represent the core Nexus experience and the other one will be a Nexus P that will give a high-end stock experience.

Google's Next Nexus Handset Rumors: 5 Things to Know

Nexus 7 - Rumored Specs

When it comes to the technical specs, the rumors that are circulating about the Nexus 2016 suggest that the low end and high end smartphones will arrive with a display with a 5-inch and 5.5-inch with an alleged screen resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels. The device is expected to be powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor that is teamed up with 4 GB of RAM.

Also, it is expected to feature expandable memory up to 2 TB. It is also likely to include a 12 MP main snapper at its back and we might expect to see a good camera on the model with better features and specs.

Google's Next Nexus Handset Rumors: 5 Things to Know

Early Release Possible

There are rumors that the Nexus 2016 could be launched early, most likely August. This makes sense as the fourth developer preview is already out in mid-June and there is just one more preview that is pending ahead of the final release.


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