Having troubles with Microsoft Windows 10: Ten Common problems and their solutions!

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    Microsoft recently launched Windows 10 for all Windows PCs, laptops and tablets, and many of you must have updated your systems to it already. The latest Windows release brings new features, and much needed improvements and fixes in the Windows interface. It boasts Cortana integration and all new Edge browser, offers smooth multitasking interface, and eases transition between desktop and tablet mode. However, the software also has some issues and problems, which are expected to be placed right in next updates.

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    If you are a Windows 10 user, and are encountering troubles using it, here we have highlighted a few common issues with the Windows 10 and theirs fixes

    Windows 10 automatic updates

    Microsoft's Windows 10 comes with a new update policy which makes downloading and installing updates to be mandatory. While this has been done to ensure that users get better software experience with security updates, improvements and bug fixes, it can be irritating for some users. To change this, you can go to Microsoft support page for uninstalling an unwanted driver or update.

    You can also download "Show or hide updates" troubleshooter package. To use it, open it, and choose Hide updates. You can choose the updates that you don't want to get installed automatically on your Windows 10 machine. You can also deactivate the feature when needed. Another way is that you use a firewall to block the update service.

    However, you must take note of Microsoft's policy which suggests that if you choose to not receive updates for a month, you will not get access to future updates as well. Though, access will be restored once you accept the updates that you blocked.

    Issues with Bluetooth

    Some of the Windows 10 users may have problem with Bluetooth not working properly, which can be highly irritating. This could mean that you may not be able to connect accessories or input devices like Keyboards to computer via Bluetooth. You can go to Settings to check if the Bluetooth is toggled on or not. Also, you must ensure that the Bluetooth accessory that you wish to pair is fully charged, and is discoverable. It could also be because of a driver problem in the device that it stopping it from connecting with the Windows 10 device.

    Wi-Fi sense seems non-sense!

    Microsaft Windows 10 brings the Wi-Fi Sense feature which lets automatic sharing of fully encrypted Wi-Fi password with contacts from Outlook, Skype, or Facebook. If you want to turn this features off, you Go to Settings > Network & Internet > Wi-Fi > Manage Wi-Fi settings > Disable Network sharing.
    Also, you can deactivate the feature that lets your phone automatically connect to networks shared by your contacts.

    Problems with Cortana

    One of the key highlights of the Windows 10 is Cortana, which is deeply integrated to the software. However, you may be having issues with Cortana not working. You may as well receive messages saying that Cortana is not available in your respective region or language, even when you are in a supported region and use supported language. In such a situation, you must check if the Cortana is ON by default. Go to Start > Cortana > Notebook > Toggle Cortana on/ off. Now go to Settings and change the settings in Time & language and check if your Speech language pack is installed.

    Windows Store not working fine

    Many of you who have upgraded to Windows 10 might be having troubles accessing Windows Store. In case it is not letting you download apps or app updates, you can Press Windows + R, type exe, and Enter. If it doesn't work then delete items in download queue and now retry it. This might work in a few tries. In case it is not working at all, chances are that you might have fed in wrong region. Change it by, Go to Settings > Time & language > set it to the country you are in. Also check if the time settings are right. Sometime, it could be due to busy servers that it is unable to work properly.

    Having troubles using Wi-Fi

    Sometimes you may notice that Wi-Fi on the Windows 10 is unstable or slow, or you may not be able to connect to a Wi-Fi network. In such a case, you should first restart the router and computer. However, if that does not work, then Go to Settings > Network & Internet > Wi-Fi > connect to the desired network in Connect automatically box. You can also Manage Wi-Fi settings > Manage known networks and choose your network > click Forget.

    If you still cannot get Wi-Fi to work, then there can be a driver problem with the network adapter. Ensure that that you have the latest driver on your device. Also, check if your router also has the latest firmware, and update it via manufacturer's website.


    Chrome Browser crashes often!

    You may find that Chrome browser on your Windows 10 is crashing again and again, without warning messages, or is not wake up. In such cases, it is advices that uninstall and reinstall Chrome for it to function properly.

    Windows 10 Crashes

    It might just happen that your system crashes unexpectedly, and displays the blue screen with message suggesting system has crashed. The only solution to this is resetting PC. You can go to PC Settings and look for Recovery section. Or, Go to the Start menu and search for reinstall, and then click on Remove everything and reinstall Windows.

    Getting old Favorites on Edge Browser

    The all new Edge browser that replaces Internet Explorer won't transfer pages you starred or favorited on IE. However, if you want to transfer the bookmarks, you can open Microsoft Edge > check off Internet Explorer > click on Import Favorites. This will help you getting your favorite bookmarked pages on to the Edge's Favorites tab.

    OneDrive is not the same anymore

    Microsoft has made changes in the OneDrive cloud service in Windows 10, which is leading to issues for some users who are unable to find placeholders. If you are unable to get previews of individual files stored in the cloud, you can Go through the web browser and select individual files that you want.

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