Here Are Battery Radiation Effects on Human Body and Ways to Avoid Them

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The more we use our smartphone, the more we tend to affect our health. Thanks to the increasing amount of mobile phone radiation.

Here Are Battery Radiation Effects on Human Body and Ways to Avoid

The increasing usage of wireless mobile telephony is the reason behind the rise of phone battery radiation, which in turn causes serious health hazards.

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In case a person is on a call for hours together, it is common that the smartphone will tend to heat up. The heating effect will the ear pinna, internal ear, head surface and in turn, the brain to a great extent.

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We at GIZBOT have come up with the effects of mobile battery radiation, and the ways to avoid the same.

Mobile Radiation Causes Biological Disorder

Smartphones emit a form of radio frequency (RF) radiation or microwave radiation when you call, text, stream videos or listen to music. These radiations have adverse biological effects that cause cell metabolism disruption, increase blood-brain barrier permeability, and also disrupt brain glucose metabolism.

The mobile heat radiation also increases the chances of anyone being affected by brain tumor by 40 percent.

Common Symptoms of Battery Radiation on Human Body

Using your smartphone for several hours will create heat radiations that may have some extremely common symptoms in the users, which may also turn to be a matter of concern gradually.

The common symptoms include headache, dizziness, fatigue and a few more.

Here's how to avoid these deadly effects of mobile battery radiation on your body.

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Limit Your Calls

Call friends or family only when necessary or urgent. Spending hours on calls may affect the user with one or the other health problems.

Avoid Direct Mobile Contact With Your Body

Even if the smartphone is in standby mode, it has the tendency to communicate with other nearest cell phones tower regularly to get the best signal.

So, a smartphone transmits heat radiation every 30 seconds regardless of what you are doing or where you are located. Hence, you should strictly avoid keeping the cell phone next to your body as it will cause damage to the major organs in your body.

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Don't Use Your Smartphone When on a Moving Vehicle

Whether in a bus, train, car, or any other vehicle, avoid using your mobile device. In a moving vehicle, the mobile phone antenna constantly scans for contact and operates at increased signal strength that in turn emits high levels of radiation.

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Avoid Using Mobiles in a Parked Car

Using a mobile phone in a car often makes it a worse situationDue to the surrounding heat emission, the battery radiation heavily increases and the radio frequency radiation is magnified.

Never Keep Your Mobile Phone Next to You While Sleeping

It's at night that a mobile phone radiation and other electromagnetic fields (EMF) exposures can interrupt sleep cycles and cause allergies, heart palpitations, muscle pain, and weakness.

These can impede the function of the immune system, reduce the production of melatonin, and affect other hormones with severe long-term adverse consequences.

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