Here Comes A Mobile Phone That Can Kiss You

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The primary functionality of mobiles is to let you stay in touch with your loved ones. Even if you are miles apart from your family and friends, you can stay close to them through calls and messages with the phones.

Here Comes A Mobile Phone That Can Kiss You

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However, if you are missing your loved one who is far away, the only way you can convey the feeling to the person is through emojis in your chats. This situation is all set to change with the advancement in technology.

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Humans have emotions and the hardest part is living without the touch of our loved ones, be it the pat they give on our back when we need them the most or their kisses. This is possible with the Intimate Mobile Phone that was described by Fabian Hemmert, a design researcher who wants to bring some tactile feedback in the modern day smartphones.

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Three prototype phones were showcased

Hemmert showcased three prototype phones that can recreate the feel of breathing in different ways such as breathing on your neck, wetness of a kiss, and squeeze of a hand.

Bringing emotions to communication is his intention

The intention of Hemmert is to bring emotions such as whispering, kissing, grasping into communications in the real world situation.

Handstrap will appear during conversations

The intimate phone will pull a handstrap during the conversations. If the person on the other end of the line whispers, you will feel a small blow of air on your neck or ear.

Feel the wetness of a kiss

The phone comes with a damp sponge in it that is gestures a kiss on your cheek when the caller kisses his or her handset.

Can it be real?

Well, this is a prototype that Hemmert has come up with and we need to wait to see if it is possible to experience intimacy with a phone.

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