Here's What Happens To Data On Your Android Device After Factory Reset

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If you have planning to sell your Android device or having problems, you should consider performing a factory reset. Here in this blog, we will discuss how to do a factory reset on your Android device. We will also discuss how to recover the data after performing the factory reset.

Here's What Happens To Data On Your Android Device After Factory Reset


The factory reset process can be performed on all devices like a tablet or phone. When you perform a factory reset, your entire personal data that has been stored on your device will be deleted. The phone will return back to fresh status as it was from the factory. It is the reason, it is given the name factory reset.

It is also possible to see the factory reset in other terms like system restore or master reset. At times, people will refer to wiping a device that means factory reset.

Why you should perform a factory reset?

The factory reset is performed for several reasons. If you are planning to sell the device and do not want the buyer to access data from your phone, you should do the factory reset. It is the best option when you are passing the phone to someone you do not know.

It is also done when you have numerous apps and do not know how to refresh. In this situation, your phone will be functioning very slow. When you do a factory reset, everything will be cleared and your device will run faster. After this, you can reinstall the apps you require.

If your mobile phone is experiencing any issue that you are trying hard to fix, you can resolve the issue by performing a factory reset.

What happens to do data on your Android device after a factory reset?

Most people think that after performing a factory reset on their Android phone, their data will be completely deleted and it is impossible to access. But, this is not the case. There are chances to recover data even after doing factory reset. It is beneficial if you have performed the reset accidentally and want the data back. However, it can be an issue when you have reset so as to preserve your data.


Long back, Android devices could not be encrypted by default. It means even you perform the factory reset, your data will remain on the internal storage of the device. In this situation, you need to use certain tools that would connect to already reset the device to extract deleted files. It can be personal data such as photos, texts or contacts. If you want to safeguard your data, you have to encrypt the device before performing the factory reset. After Android 6 Marshmallow, the devices are encrypted by default.

It means there is no need to worry thinking that people would access your information utilizing forensic tools. Though there are tools to extract the deleted files, the files are encrypted. It can be seen by any person. It is why you should have an encrypted smartphone.

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