Honor View 10 vs OnePlus 5T: Which offers better value for your money

We compared the two most popular upper mid-range smartphones for you. And the winner is…

    It has become a yearly affair for OnePlus and Huawei to compete in upper mid-range smartphone segment. Both the companies are well established in the value flagship category and their products can be compared with the pricey handsets from Apple and Samsung. This year, the fight is between OnePlus 5Tand the Honor View 10. Both the handsets offer top-of-the line hardware, runs the latest Android and come equipped with capable dual-lens camera setups.

    Honor View 10 vs OnePlus 5T: Which offers better value for your money

    While OnePlus 5T comes at a starting price of Rs. 32,999, Honor ups the ante by offering the View 10 at comparatively lower price tag of Rs. 29,999. This brings us to the question, which is a better bargain and offers more bang for your buck. Let's try to find this out with the help of following review.

    Design and Display

    Honor and OnePlus have crafted sleek and premium looking handsets. Both the smartphones are constructed out of metal and goes in sync with modern design due to minimum bezels up front. Honor View 10 has a flat rear panel whereas OnePlus 5T has curved back panel that makes it a bit easier on your palm. But the rear mounted fingerprint scanner and taller footprint makes it tough to operate OnePlus 5T with one hand.

    Honor View 10 on the other hand as a cleverly placed front facing fingerprint scanner that makes it more ergonomic. Besides, Honor View 10 seems more futuristic and modern as compared to OnePlus 5T. The minute details have been better taken care of on Honor handset and it delivers a better looking modern feel in your hands.

    As far as display is concerned, both the smartphones have Full HD+ displays that offer 2160x1080p resolution. The displays on both the handsets have 18:9 aspect ratio that stretches to edge-to-edge and offer immersive multimedia viewing experience. The Honor View 10 flaunts a 5.99-inch LCD screen whereas OnePlus 5T sports a 6.01 AMOLED display.


    This is where things get interesting. Both the handsets are backed by flagship chipsets but Honor View 10 has an edge over OnePlus 5T. The Kirin 970 AI Chipset powering the View 10 is also supported by a dedicated Neural processing Unit. The CPU combined with the dedicated NPU unit basically takes care of everything you do on Honor View 10, be it photography, media playback, battery consumption, gaming, etc.

    The dedicated NPU actually makes a difference once you start using the smartphone as your daily driver. You will experience comparatively faster app response time, improved download speeds, better camera performance and battery lifeas compared to OnePlus 5T that is powered by Snapdragon 835 CPU.

    As far as multitasking is concerned, Honor View 10 and the lower variant of OnePlus 5T both comes packed with 6GB of RAM. However, with the power of AI, memory optimization is slightly better on Honor View 10.

    Camera Performance

    Both the smartphones feature dual-lens camera setups that are capable of shooting portrait images with impressive depth of field effect. Honor View 10 sports a 20MP monochrome lens and a 16MP RGB lens. The AI equipped camera has better control over shooting conditions and can auto adjust the camera's settings to give the best output. OnePlus 5T's dual-lens camera does not come with any AI abilities, which makes it slightly less smart than Honor's dual-lens camera setup.

    While the images captured by both the handsets and have very good detailing, Honor's AI backed camera deliver better color reproduction and is comparatively faster in everyday scenarios. The camera algorithm in Honor View 10 also has better control over noise even in low-light and also makes View 10 a better alternative for shooing macro images. Moreover, the camera app on Honor View 10 offers an excellent suite of modes and filters which OnePlus cannot match. Last but not the least; Honor View 10 is also capable of creating depth of field effect while recording videos, which the OnePlus handset cannot achieve.

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    As far as software is concerned, both the smartphone makers have made sure that you get best-in-class user experience. Backed by Android 8.0 Oreo, OnePlus 5T and Honor View 10 offers robust and fluid software experience. And while OnePlus 5T relies on near stock Android user interface, Honor View 10 has more feature-packed software layer which is developed in-house by Huawei and is called EMUI 8.0. All thanks to machine learning, EMUI offers deeper level of customization and better adapts to your usage pattern to offer more user friendly software experience.

    Battery and Connectivity

    Honor View 10 also takes a lead in battery and connectivity department. The AI backed chipset has better control over battery consumption which makes Honor View 10's battery lasts longer than OnePlus 5T. Besides, OnePlus 5T has a 3,300 mAh battery unit which is not as abundant as the 3,750 mAh battery cell powering the Honor View 10.

    For connectivity, Honor View 10 will appeal to users who have two 4G SIM cards. The smartphone supports VoLTE on both the SIM cards, which is not the case with OnePlus 5T.

    …and the Winner is

    Honor View 10 manages to score better in almost every aspect when compared to OnePlus 5T. And the fact that it is also priced lower than the OnePlus's flagship handset, it makes for a better overall deal for smartphone enthusiasts.

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