How To Save Your Smartphone's Battery From Dying Prematurely


We often see people around us complaining about their smartphone’s battery dying quickly. Well, the best way to keep the battery from succumbing is to prevent components from charging to 100%. The reason being the life span of the battery relies on the number of charging cycles it has. Each cycle is counted when the device charges from 0 to 100%.

How To Save Your Smartphone's Battery From Dying Prematurely

Once users are done charging the battery the maximum number of times, they are advised to replace the battery. By preventing the phone’s battery from reaching 100%, users can prevent a full charge cycle and stretch out the time it takes for the phone to complete a charging cycle.

Never Charge Your Phone To 100%

The commonly-used lithium-ion battery can easily handle around 400-500 charging cycles before it starts asking for a replacement. So to extend the life of the smartphone’s battery, users should try out some methods apart from not charging their phones to 100%.

While it might feel good to see 100% on the status bar instead of 99%, this could have grave consequences for the phone’s battery as the number of charging cycles continues to exceed. iPhones running iOS 13 or above have features that automatically cap charging at 80% and take time to reach 100% to keep the battery’s health in check.

Besides, it’s also important to keep the smartphone’s temperature low when it’s charging. Most phones notify users when they get hot and shut down if necessary. To keep the temperature low, users can avoid keeping their phones on a car’s dashboard during summers and avoid charging the phone when in bed to curb a potential fire hazard.

Never Hit The Zero Mark

The best way to juice up your smartphone is a flat hard surface. But that doesn’t mean that phones can be kept in a freezer, as putting the phone through one temperature to another could also harm the device’s innards, making them expand when they get back to hot temperatures. Besides, freezers can add moisture to the components.


In case the phone is still overheating, the best thing to do is remove the charger can turn off the handset. Then, users should place the device in a cool place and also remove the case from the phone if any.

Changing cable could also be one reason behind the overheating of the battery. Another great way to extend your phone’s battery life is never letting it hit the zero mark. The best range to run a smartphone’s battery is between 20% and 80%.

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