Is it possible to use any charger with any device?

It should be possible to charge any device with a standard Micro USB connector using a standard Micro USB charger.


Today basically all portable devices be it smartphones, tablets, or laptops come with their own chargers. While there are different types of chargers, most micro-USB connectors and chargers that are shipped with smartphones and tablets are standardized. That may not be the case with PC chargers.

Is it possible to use any charger with any device?


However, many have been asking the question if the one can re-use the same charger for multiple devices. Or is it good to use the same charger different devices? Well, this topic can be little confusing but we will look at things that can probably clear our doubts.

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In any case, let's get down to understanding some basic things and figure out if you can re-use the charger or not.

Different types of Chargers

Even though most of the chargers are standardized, there are still a variety of different chargers types available.

Firstly there are the Laptop chargers. Unfortunately, chargers for laptops are not standardized. The chargers are different and are designed specifically for a particular model. The final say is that you won't be able to plug any charger with any laptop.

Secondly you have Apple Lightning Connector. Apple iPhones, iPads, iPod Touches, iPad Nanos almost all the new iDevices use the Lightning connector and can be connected to any Lightning charger certified or developed by Apple. Moreover, Apple also makes a connector that allows you to connect new devices with a Lightning connector to older charges with a 30-pin dock connector.

The last one is the Micro USB Chargers. Well if you consider smartphones today most of them including Android, Windows Phone, and Blackberry phones use standard Micro USB connectors.

Can Any Micro USB Charger Charge Any Micro USB Device?

Can Any Micro USB Charger Charge Any Micro USB Device?

Well coming to the main question whether any charger can charge any device. The answer to that, well according to the standardization, all Micro USB chargers and devices are supposed to work together. Therefore chargers can be mixed and matched. For example, if you have a device with a Micro USB port and a Micro USB charger, you should be able to plug the device into any charger and charge.

However, the main concern that arises is when moving between different countries. If you're traveling internationally, then it is very important to know the differences between voltages and connectors used around the world.

Voltage and Amperage

This is an important aspect as failing to know this might cause some damage to your device. Moving forward, basically, all USB connections offer 5 volts of power. And what that means is that you will now have to worry about voltage when connecting a charger to a device over Micro USB.

On the other hand, Amperage is a totally different matter. Well Amperage is nothing but the unit used to measure current. Therefore the amps details given in chargers provide how much power the charger supplies. For example, the charger that comes with an Android tablet will likely provide more amps than the charger that comes with an Android smartphone.

Therefore you should know the charger's amperage as it is the maximum power that the device can take.

Safety Concerns

Most micro-USB chargers usually come with "UL Listed" logo on them. What this means is that they have been tested for safety, so they won't overheat and catch fire or electrocute you if you use the same charger with different devices.

However, sometime even approved chargers can cause problems which might be actually due to having faulty batteries. But in any case you shouldn't use any sort of charger that has been recalled or mostly cloned ones. And chargers that haven't been certified are a major concern.

The main point here is that you shouldn't use unofficial batteries ordered directly from factories in China and that you shouldn't use uncertified chargers that haven't been tested for safety.


The final verdict is that it should be possible to charge any device with a standard Micro USB connector using a standard Micro USB charger. While there's a standard for most of the chargers some devices may not charge with some chargers. This might be because some devices may not be following the standard.

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