JioPhone Next Benchmarked: Popularity Alone Doesn’t Save The Day


JioPhone Next, the Rs. 1,999-priced 4G smartphone launched recently will soon be available for purchase across the country. The smartphone is expected to provide internet access tomillions of users, and is expected to be a gateway device for people switching from a feature phone to a smartphone.


JioPhone Next

The JioPhone Next is the third device from the company to use the Qualcomm Snapdragon 215 quad-core processor launched in H1-2019, which has been fabbed using 28nm lithography. The Snapdragon 215 is a quad-core processor with a peak clock speed of 1305MHz or 1.3GHz with the Adreno 308 graphics card.

We ran several benchmarks to find out how powerful the JioPhone Next is, and the results might shock you. Though benchmarks do not reflect real-world performance, they do give us an idea of how powerful is the device when compared to the competition. Here are the benchmark scores of the JioPhone Next.

JioPhone Next Geekbench 5 Benchmark Performance

JioPhone Next Geekbench 5 Benchmark Performance

Geekbench 5 tests the single-core and multi-core CPU capabilities. The JioPhone Next posted 99 points on single-core CPU performance and 338 points on multi-core CPU performance. This is actually the first smartphone that I have tested to score a two-digit CPU score on Geebench 5, which confirms that the CPU on the JioPhone Next is pretty weak.

The multi-core Geekebench 5 performance of the JioPhone Next indicates that the device can manage to run all four CPU clocks at the highest clock speed without any issue. This is good, especially for apps and games that can utilize multi-core CPU resources.

JioPhone Next 3D Mark Benchmark Performance

JioPhone Next 3D Mark Benchmark Performance

On the 3D Mark Sling Shot GPU test, the JioPhone Next scored 302 points, again, one of the lowest scores that we have seen in recent time. If we further analyze the benchmark, the JioPhone Next has scored 1.90FPS on graphics test 1 and 0.80FPS on graphics test 2.

On the physics score test, the JioPhone Next got the highest FPS of 21.30, and the temperature went up from 36 degrees to 39 degrees while running the benchmark.

JioPhone Next AnTuTu Benchmark Performance

JioPhone Next AnTuTu Benchmark Performance

On AntuTu version 9.2.1, the JioPhone got a total score of 54013 with 16431 points on the CPU. 31367 points on the memory test, and 16215 on the UX test. AnTuTu benchmark also confirms that the JioPhone Next comes with LPDDR3 RAM with a memory frequency of 672MHz.

JioPhone Next Wi-Fi Test

JioPhone Next Wi-Fi Test

I tested the JioPhone Next with a stable 50Mbps broadband connection, where, the device offered a peak download speed of 20Mbps and a peak upload speed of 27Mbps. Do note that, the JioPhone Next only supports a 2.4GHz WiFi network and not the 5GHz.

Verdict: Not As Expected

The performance of the JioPhone Next is not bad, considering the fact that the device is based on the older Qualcomm Snapdragon 215 quad-core processor. However, when compared to the phones like the Redmi 9A and Realme C11 2021, the JioPhone Next is on the losing side.

Even with just a few days of usage, the JioPhone Next and the processor that powers the device has started to show its age, it easily takes four to five seconds just to open the chrome web browser. This leaves us worried about how JioPhone Next will stand against time, especially when a user installs a few apps and games, which will further hog the performance of the device.

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