Know Everything About Airplane Mode

By Nilakshi Pathak

    No matter which smartphone you are using, you must have surely used the airplane mode once. Most of the time, we use the airplane mode when we want to use our phone during our flight for things that don’t involve calling. Most of us know only a single use of the airplane mode.

    Know Everything About Airplane Mode


    However, the advantages and its usage are many and today through this post; we are going to through light on that. Airplane mode basically closes your cellular connection, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth connectivity.

    How to use Airplane Mode?

    You can directly use the airplane mode icon present in the ‘Quick Settings' of your phone and if it is not available there just go the ‘Settings' of your phone and then select ‘Network and internet' and then toggle on ‘Airplane mode.'

    Can you save battery by using Airplane Mode?

    Switching on airplane mode definitely helps you to save battery life. It is obvious since it stops all the connections between your phones and hence the battery consumption drops considerably. It will also help you in charging your phone at a faster rate.

    Can you use Wi-Fi even when your phone is in Airplane Mode?

    Well, the answer to the question depends on the phone that you are using. However, now a day, almost all the smartphone allows you to use Wi-Fi even when your phone is in airplane mode. After enabling the Airplane mode, the Wi-Fi function is turned off. You only need to turn it on back again to use the Wi-Fi mode even in airplane mode.

    Will you be able to hear your alarm ringing in Airplane Mode?

    The alarm of your smartphone doesn't use any internet connection to operate. It simply means that keeping your phone in Airplane mode will not affect the alarm of your phone.

    Can you receive calls during Airplane Mode?

    You won't be able to receive any calls or messages when your phone is in airplane mode. It is because all the cellular connections are disabled once the airplane mode is switched on. The caller will be able to reach you on your voicemail. You can check both the calls and texts after disabling the airplane mode.

    Can you enjoy music in Airplane Mode?

    If your music player doesn't use online resources to play music, you will be able to enjoy music in your Airplane Mode. Please note that apps like Google Play Music use the internet to play songs. If you don't go for the premium version, you won't be able to enjoy music from this app or any similar apps.

    Wrap Up

    Airplane Mode disables all the connection of your smartphone. However, if you are lucky, you would still be able to use the Wi-Fi on your phone. But it's better not to rely on an online connection. Just make sure that you download everything before you switch to the airplane mode in your phone. All the apps and activities that don't require internet or cellular connection will run smoothly.

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