Lease an iPhone in India at as low as Rs 999: All You need to Know!

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The demise of the BlackBerry's iconic Qwerty phones has paved the way for Apple's iPhone to dominate the enterprise smartphone space in the country. In fact most of the corporate employees dream of owning an iPhone and well what better than getting one from the office?

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To lure more corporate firms to show interest in their recently launched iPhone SE, Apple has announced a leasing plan for same. Since its launch on April 8, Apple iPhone SE has reportedly failed to get much market traction. So here a list of few important things you need to know for leasing a new iPhone!

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Apple isn’t running it directly


While initial reports suggested that the iPhone SE leasing plans that were advertised in full page advertisements on print media where being carried out by Apple directly, 9to5Mac claims otherwise. According to their report, the Apple iPhone SE leasing plans are being carried out by their official regional distributors and not the company. It's worth noting that such leasing plans by distributors are nothing new in India as same had been done for many other Apple devices in the market.

Lease an iPhone SE for just Rs 999


Thanks to this leasing program you can now lease an Apple iPhone SE for just Rs 999 per month. It's worth noting that the contract is for 2 years. This is pretty similar to the contracts offer by US network carries like Verizon, AT&T etc.

Replace the old iPhone with a new one anytime


Apple launches a iPhone every year and now with the dawn of this new iPhone SE, smartphones from the company may launch in more frequent intervals. But are you ready to buy a new iPhone every time a new one is launched? Well, in most cases the answer will be no. You needn't worry though, as the all new leasing plan for iPhones allow you to do so. One you are bored with your present device; you can always replace it with a newer iPhone albeit with a modified leasing price per month.

iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S also available for lease


For those unaware Apple iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S are also available for lease in India. However, you are required to shell out some extra over the iPhone SE. In terms of pricing the Apple iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S are available at a price of Rs 1,199 and Rs 1,399 respectively.

Looking for an iPad? That’s available for lease too!


Apart from the iPhones, Apple distributors are also offering leasing schemes for the iPads. This is however applicable for the iPad Min and iPad Air. Expect Apple to roll out a leasing scheme for the iPad Pro in India.

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