Moto Mods and the future of physical connections: Where does it stand?

Clash between physical and wireless connections for accessories might not be an immediate issue but once cloud connectivity and wireless connections grip their hold physical mods will turn obsolete.

By Vijeta

Modulation accessories for smartphones might confuse day to day users for a high end innovative tech that have shown up just a couple of years ago but enthusiasts know that modulation accessories have always been around since the inception of Sony Xperia smartphones. Sony zoom lenses for smartphones have come a long way since then inspiring several other brands to join the league. Battery power backups and portable speakers have also been around for quite sometime now and have created a substantial user base.


Until recently these modulations had connectivity issues. Their impractical design tedious connection establishment and use of one or the other port limited the use of the smartphone. For example when a smartphone is connected to a bluetooth speaker it wont be possible to use it for sending or receiving files or vice-verse.

Moto Mods and future of physical connections: Where does it stand?

Moto Z Moto Mods

Moto Z series with the latest member of the family Z2 Play introduced a range of modulations that have been optimized for practical day to day use and also offer smartphones an opportunity to be a part of something better. Moto Z series introduced a single port for connecting several mods one at a time thus not limiting the smartphone use. These mods also have their own battery which does not juice out smartphone power. A better connectivity and saving samrtphone's on board battery power means that if you slap on Moto mod speakers to your smartphone you can still transfer files using bluetooth while listening to music via speakers simultaneously.

Moto mods are easy to setup, all you need to do is slap the mods on the back of the phone and you are good to go. The mods that are available for Moto Z series are:

Hasselblad True Zoom lens with xenon flash and dual microphones: Hasselblad mod offers 10 x optical zoom and offers good quality images even at full zoom.


Power backup: This is an extra set of battery for your smartphone and keeps the phone running through and trough.

JBL SoundBoost: This is simply a better and louder speaker than the one already available on any Moto Z series smartphone.

Insta-Share Projector: This is probably the coolest of them all. This mod turns Moto Z smartphone into a full scale projector. Its quality is quite good and the area of projection for the device is 70 inches.

It is certain that Lenovo has taken a step ahead eliminating room for every rival. With no immediate competition Moto Mods are the only modulations for a specific series of smartphone available to date.

However the scenario might change before you may realize. Andy Rubin recently introduced his first smartphone Essential PH-1. This smartphone is yet awaiting shipping and is preparing to take on the leading flagships. However Essential has something very similar to Moto Z series.

Essential PH-1 wireless connectivity

Essential PH-1 also supports modulations but unlike Moto Z series the mods for essential draw poer from the phone itself. This make them whole lot lighter and cheaper than moto mods. We do not have exact numbers but Rubin did mention that the price for accessories might start from $50.

What's even more interesting is the connectivity of modulations to smartphones. Moto mods require a physical connection. Essential on the other hand connects wirelessly although it attaches to the smartphone magnetically.

Andy Rubin while unveiling the Essential PH-1 boldly mentioned that physical connections are "dumb" and that Essential's accessories are future proof which makes me wonder that the accessories need to be connected for powering up so it still isn't wireless connectivity in the purest sense. The Moto Z series on the other hand does offer a better connectivity and lasting power for the bulky size.

Samsung's 360 degree truely wireless camera

Recently Samsung came up with a wireless 360 camera that records 360 degree videos for Samsung smartphones. The videos can be played back on VR headset. Samsung's 360 degree camera is entirely wireless.

Of the three setups I believe the best is Samsung's wireless connection. While Moto Mods are great modulations for Moto Z series Samsung's accessory is a whole lot better which neither relies for the battery on the smartphone nor does it needs a physical connection to attach itself. This leaves us with a very obvious question. Is there a place for modulations in the future?

Which one actually stays?

Well as I see it cloud connectivity is a field of interest for most of the smartphone manufacturers. While true cloud connectivity is still few years ahead we can safely assume that when IOT hits the world hard in face and true connectivity among devices is achieved we wouldn't need any physical connection. That would certainly leave Moto Mods obsolete.

There is still time for us to reach to the timeline where we can proudly omit physical connections and until then I feel Moto Mods are a great buy. Essential will certainly hit Moto's hold on the market but that competition still awaits Essential's release.

There might not be a place for physical connectivity in the future but contemporary consumers certainly want a performing accessory that gets work done.

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