Nokia 6 clears durability test; probably one of the solid phones of 2017

Nokia 6 is one of the solid phones of 2017.

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Usually, smartphones aren't durable enough as the feature phones. When it comes to durable phones, Nokia is a legendary brand that is renowned for its indestructible offerings such as Nokia 3310 and 1100.

Nokia 6 clears durability test; one of the solid phones of 2017

Though three phones were announced, the Nokia 6 made by HMD Global is the only smartphone from the company that has been released in select markets as yet. This smartphone has been crafted using 6000 series aluminum. The durability of this phone has been tested in the video by popular YouTube Channel JerryRigEverything. The video shows the smartphone subjected to different types of tests and still it is fine.

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The smartphone has survived durability tests such as bend, scratch and burn tests. It has left the reviewer astonished with its sold build. He finally concludes that the Nokia 6 is one of the most sold phones he has ever tested. Before knowing more details, we need to mention that you shouldn't attempt to try any of these tests with your phone.

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Nokia 6 is durable enough as the earlier models

Nokia 6 is a smartphone with a solid build as mentioned above. The scratch tests 3, 6 and 8 were conducted as shown in the video and it seems to be on par with the other flagship phones. The fingerprint scanner is scratch proof as in a few other handsets such as iPhone 7 and OnePlus 3. The front and rear camera sensors are also scratch resistant.

The display works fine after burn test!

The Nokia 6 was subjected to the burn test in the video. Its 5.5-inch FHD 1080p IPS display recovered the pixels that turned out black after subjecting a part of the display to flames. Once the heat is removed, the pixels appear back and the display works pretty well.

It survives the bend test too

Remember the iPhone 6 bendgate test? Well, the Nokia 6 proves to be strong. When it is bent in the video, the phone doesn't bend even to the slightest extent.

Nokia 6 – the solid phone of 2017

The reviewer concludes the video saying that the Nokia 6 is the most durable and solid phones of this year. Here's the video of the Nokia 6 durability test for you.

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