12 Cool Uses of Your Old Android Smartphone You Probably Didn't Know

    Most smartphone users upgrade their smartphone once in a year or two on an average. While some people sell their old smartphone, many might not want to do that due to some reasons.

    12 Cool Uses of Your Old Android Smartphone You Probably Didn't Know

    If you are not convinced with the idea of selling your old Android smartphone or giving it away to a friend, you can try any of these creative uses that are given below.

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    This way, not only that your old phone is used up in some way, but also you get creative and make your life easier.

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    You can turn your old smartphone into an ideal fitness device by reformatting the device to remove the unwanted apps and take out the SIM card. Avoid using social media apps to prevent any disturbing notifications. You can use the phone as a fitness tracker and music player while you workout.


    You can rig your old phone up to a TV using either Chromecast streaming or buying a micro USB to HDMI converter cable. Then, you need to download some emulators for your favorite retro game consoles. Set up a wireless Bluetooth controller andn download some games.


    Uninstall the unwanted apps and load the old phone with mapping applications including Google Maps. Mount the phone on your dash and you are done. There is a dedicated GPS device that will not disturb you with unnecessary notifications while you are driving. You can use an AUX cable to double it as a MP3 player.


    The analog alarm clocks are outdated these days. You can choose any app from the hundreds of alarm clock apps available for download in the Google Play Store. You can now have a customizable alarm clock on your bedside table.



    The old smartphone can be used as a portable charging station for your new device. Use a USB OTG cable to connect the two smartphones and the host phone will charge the other one automatically with its battery. This way, your old one becomes a power bank, but ensure that it is charged fully.


    You can take advantage of the camera in your old smartphone by using it as a Wi-Fi security camera to protect your home. There are apps that are motion sensitive to make sure your home is always safe.


    Convert your old smartphone into a digital photo frame by just installing any of the apps that are available in the Play Store. You can select your favorite photos, mount your phone on an upright dock and let it display the photos.


    Buy a Chromecast streaming device or a micro USB to HDMI converter cable, reformat the old Android phone and download apps such as Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, Pandora, and Spotify. You can now have a dedicated TV set-top box along with a remote. This way, your living room media center is all ready.


    In case, you are experiencing Wi-Fi signal issues, you can boost the signal all throughout your house by installing the necessary apps that can pick up the signal and repeat it.


    There are baby monitoring apps that are available in the Play Store. So, you can transform the old smartphone into a baby monitor that can stream videos and audio to your current phone.


    The current generation kids love touchscreens. You can hand over your smartphone to your kid and limit the access to calls and the internet. Install games such as Angry Birds, Subway Surfers, and Nursery Rhymes or Stories for them to enjoy. However, it is not ideal for kids to use smartphones for a long time.


    What will happen if your phone gets stolen or misplaced? You can use your old phone as an emergency one whenever you need.

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