OPPO F3 Plus is the true example of premium craftsmanship

OPPO F3 Plus is more than just a camera smartphone. It offers premium design, swift performance and the latest Google Assistant virtual assistant experience.

    There's no denying the fact that smartphones are now an integral part of our lives. A life without them in modern times is hard to imagine as we are mostly dependent on these pocket marvels to execute even the most basic tasks throughout the day. Besides, you cannot agree more to the fact that your handset is the first thing you check when you start a day, and the last thing when you go to bed. Knowing the very fact that they are more than just mere communication devices, we also make sure they match our lifestyle and serves as an extension to our personality.

    OPPO F3 Plus is the true example of premium craftsmanship

    Having said that, the first thing you notice when you buy a digital companion is its design. How the smartphone feels in hands and whether it matches your style quotient is one of the most important aspect while purchasing a smartphone. However, performance is equally significant and cannot be ignored just for the sake of a good design. So why not we look for a smartphone that offers best of both the worlds and deliver the right combination of style and performance.

    OPPO F3 Plus is the true example of premium craftsmanship

    This is what makes us talk about the latest OPPO F3 Plus, the 6-inch phablet that packs in the first of its kind dual selfie front camera on a mobile device. The handset marks an upgrade of OPPO's Selfie Expert family of smartphones and is priced at Rs. 30,990 in the Indian market. So without wasting any more time, let's find out why OPPO F3Plus is the true example of premium craftsmanship.

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    Premium design forged out of Metal and durable Glass

    OPPO F3 Plus offers a metal unibody design that looks premium and also scores high on durability. As per OPPO, each handset goes through sand-spraying process, three stage polishing and multiple rounds of CNC milling to carefully craft a mobile device that offers a smooth metal surface but also maintains the required grip in hands. The rear side of the handset gets a high-strength metal, and the front of is occupied by a 6-inch 2.5D Corning Gorilla Glass 5 screen offering unmatched durability. The hardware buttons placed on right and left side of the handset are also made of metal and offers a good tactile response. The chamfered edges and the chrome lining on home button and camera module further adds to the premium look of the smartphone.

    The most ergonomical 6-inch phablet in the market

    You must be wondering that a smartphone with a large 6-inch screen will not be practical for everyday usage; however that's not the case with the OPPO F3 Plus. Despite packing a giant 6-inch screen, OPPO F3 Plus does not feel bulky in hands. To come up with a phone that offers better grip than those of previous generations, the F3 Plus has been given a micro-arc design that makes it quite ergonomic in everyday usage. The smartphone is carefully crafted for a better hand-gripping, resulting in a sleek and thin device that is also easy to hold and operate with one hand. Moreover, the phablet also feels very light in hands because of correct distribution of overall weight.

    First of its kind Six-String ultra-fine Antenna design

    Unlike most of the metal handsets that have thick white antenna bands running on the real side, OPPO F3 Plus does not sacrifice with the design in lieu of connectivity features. The smartphone has a ‘Six-String' ultra-fine antenna, a design rethought by OPPO to get rid of such ubiquitous thick pair of white antenna lines. The body colored string antenna lines seamlessly blends with the back shell giving it a premium look. Besides, the OPPO branding embossed in chrome at the centre of the rear panel sparkles when light falls on it and looks quite slick.

    A design that also offers secure mobile experience

    Another important design aspect of OPPO F3 Plus is the integration of a fingerprint sensor at the front, which unlocks the handset in a mere 0.2s. And in addition to add an extra layer of security on the device, the home-button fingerprint scanner can also be customized for a number of tasks. You get fingerprint-activated calling and app launch functions that comes quite handy in day-to-day operations. You can customize the home-button for one touch camera, sound recorder, calling, texting and to activate the app and function of your choice. Moreover, the fingerprint scanner also offers application level encryption to protect your personal data from unwanted intrusions.

    Verdict: The most practical big-screen smartphone in the market

    Summing up all, we can say that OPPO F3 Plus is one of the most practical big screen smartphone we have used in a while. The handset's body to screen ratio and weight distribution is appreciable that makes it near perfect for one-hand operation, even despite packing one of the largest screen in the market. Besides, OPPO has made sure that the F3 Plus looks every bit of premium to match your style and delivers best-in-class smartphone experience in everyday usage.


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