At #OPPOINNODAY20,OPPO Positions itself on Cusp of Glorious Past & an Exciting Future of Technology

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Consumer technology has seen some of the most exciting transformations in recent years, driven by incredible innovations in network technologies, Internet of Things use cases, and lots more. And one brand that has led the expansion of the industry from the front is OPPO. The company gave us a glimpse into all the work it has been doing in doling out never-seen-before products and unique technology solutions at the second installment of the annual #OPPOINNODAY20 event.

OPPO INNO Day 2020: OPPO On Cusp Of Exciting Future Of Technology

The event which was much appreciated by global tech media showcased OPPO's bold vision for the future. The brand unveiled exciting concepts under the theme- "Leap into the Future" and used the stage to reveal the most interesting and technologically advanced breakthroughs in the era of mobile technology and the Internet of Experience. Here is the hands-on tour video

OPPO Shows Off Three Stunning Concept Products

Smartphone innovation has always been OPPO's strong suit, and it proved that once again as it unveiled its latest tech breakthrough, the OPPO X 2021 Rollable Concept Handset. Built with a rollable OLED display, the futuristic smartphone represents OPPO's constant quest to create new mobile phone forms. The concept of mobile device highlights OPPO's leading position in the flexible display and structural stacking technology. Built with a rollable OLED panel that measures as small as 6.7 inches and as large as 7.4 inches, it is a phone and a tablet at the same time! One of the prominent user benefits that such a display provides is that it's a lot more adaptable, as users will be able to adjust between minimum and maximum sizes. Basis their usage pattern the innovation will enable a whole new experience of how users interact with their smartphone display.

In addition to this, OPPO also demonstrated the all-new AR glass technology at the annual event. The unique OPPO AR Glass 2021 boasts ToF, SLAM algorithms, diffractive optical waveguide technology, and support for gesture and voice recognition, which promises a wholesome mix of reality and augmented reality features. Pretty interesting, isn't it?

OPPO INNO Day 2020: OPPO On Cusp Of Exciting Future Of Technology

Additionally, the Birdbath' optical solution creates a home-theater experience equivalent to watching 90-inch screen from 3 meters away. The AR Glass 2021 when paired with #OPPOFindX2Series devices allows users to control what you watch, similar to how you would use a TV remote. The AR Glass 2021 will considerably improve users smartphone experience by bringing the world to users' doorstep.

Along with new AR glasses, OPPO also unveiled the CybeReal AR app, marking its further exploration and deployment in these core technologies. CybeReal AR is a real-time high-precision localization technology that enables more precise positioning than the navigation map, even to the extent of pinpointing the user's location in the indoor environments like parking lots or shopping malls. What this basically does is to offer a more intuitive and accurate experience compared with typical smartphone navigation thereby providing extreme level of precision to user's navigation experience.

Although many of these are concept products which are not yet commercially available. What the showcase of these technologies clearly establishes is that OPPO as a global smart device brand is not only thinking of providing a considerable improvement in customer experience but is working towards building technologies which will shape the way humans interact with technology in the future.

Unveiling a Futuristic Vision

Many brands in the industry have attempted to ride on the wave of futuristic, wearable technology. Right from Google Glass to HoloLens 2, the evolution into wearable computing was welcomed by one and all. However, the adoption of these technologies has seen some major roadblocks, including but not limited to security challenges, and a pricing that limits the further development of these devices.

OPPO INNO Day 2020: OPPO On Cusp Of Exciting Future Of Technology

But that is slowly changing, thanks to OPPO's vision of developing technology that is more personalized and relevant to the evolving needs of consumers. In fact, at last year's INNO Day event, when OPPO showcased its breakthrough products- Flash Charging - it led the way for not just OPPO smartphones, but also other brands as they all adopted the fast-charging technology solution to improve end-user experiences for consumers worldwide. The OPPO Find X2 Pro with its 65W SuperVOOC 2.0 set new standards for fast-charging technology in mainstream products. OPPO has done this earlier too with the pop-up camera on its Find X device, which paved the way for full screen devices in a unique way. Even now, when the biggest tech brands are obsessed with developing foldable devices, OPPO has broken all traditional norms to introduce the rollable display.


The OPPO INNO Day 2020 has created another starting point for brands to pick up pace, and set up multiple new avenues for technology in the coming years. To that effect, the company introduced its latest brand belief "Technology for Mankind, Kindness for the World", and unveiled the '3+N+X' technology development strategy. This brand-new development strategy will once and for all prove OPPO's resolution to create leading-edge consumer products.

Not just that, OPPO also announced the official release of its Full-path Color Management System, as part of its 2021 flagship smartphones, Find X3 series. It is going to be the first Android color management system to support the full DCI-P3 wide gamut and 10-bit color depth from capture, storage, and display, showcasing just how OPPO is miles ahead of everyone else in the industry.

Smart Devices for a Smarter World

2020 was undoubtedly the most challenging year for humanity in recent history. The COVID-19 pandemic slowed down the pace for technology innovations, product manufacturing, and even brought some businesses to a complete halt. However, even during these unprecedented times, OPPO ensured that technology advancements not only kept flourishing, but also became more personalized.

OPPO INNO Day 2020: OPPO On Cusp Of Exciting Future Of Technology

As a leading smart device brand, OPPO has steadily climbed up the ladder of opportunities and emerged as the Numero Uno of innovations. From making 5G the core focus of its expansion, to driving a mission that embraces the inclusiveness and humanist nature of technology, OPPO is doing everything to usher in a future full of possibilities. And as it continues its streak of introducing industry-leading technology innovations through its 'Inno Day' events, we surely look forward to leap together into an interconnected world.

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