5 practices that will keep your smartphone protected


    With the evolution of smartphones, you would be completely dependent on these gadgets for everything. Smartphones have replaced many things that you need on a daily basis such as cameras, alarm clocks, calculators, phone book, visiting cards, and a lot more than you can imagine.

    5 practices that will keep your smartphone protected


    The prime reason that these devices have managed to replace many other things in your lives is the ability of these devices to bring in any information that you need in an instant with just a tap on the screen. Apparently, you would prefer smartphones for all any information that you need. But with so much information saved on the smartphones, there is a lot of risks that are associated.

    What would happen if your smartphone is affected by some malware, lost or stolen, or needs a backup all of the sudden? The loss of data or the device itself can come as a serious disruption in your everyday life. In order to prevent this situation from happening, it is important to follow some practices those will keep your smartphone protected.

    It’s important to create data backups

    It goes without saying that you would have saved a lot of details on your smartphone such as contacts, photos, and other important data. If you haven't created data backups on your device, then it could be a major loss if your device is stolen or the data is erased due to some issue. So, it is important to create data backups. Regular backups will automatically save all the important data online and you can access the same from any other device. You can consider using applications such as Dropbox, iCloud, OneDrive, Google Drive, etc. to back up the data.

    Save your phone from unexpected damage or theft

    Save your phone from unexpected damage or theft

    It is common for smartphone users to face unexpected situations such as loss of the device or damage due to accidental drops or water. If you are prone to lose things or drop your phone often, then you should consider investing in protecting your smartphone from such damage. Of course, there are tempered glasses and bulky and rugged cases and covers, but what if you lose your phone? So, protection and assistance service providers such as OneAssist will design specific plans that will help you face such unexpected events.

    Password managers will come as a savior

    There are reports that "password" and "123456" are the most commonly used passwords in the world. It is common to have one common password for all your devices and accounts, so if someone gets to know the password of one of your accounts, then it will be easy for the intruder or hacker to access all your data. You might think that creating different passwords for all the accounts and devices as a trouble as you need to remember everything. This is where the password managers play a great role. You try using password manager tools such as DashLane to organize your passwords so that you just have to remember one main password and the rest will be accessible from here.

    Keep your device updated

    It is important to keep your smartphone up to date. The main objective of updates is to discover flaws and fix them before the hackers can take advantage of these flaws. For instance, the recent vulnerabilities such as KRACK received a fix in the form of an update and several device makers had rolled out the update to protect the devices from the vulnerability. So you should not ignore updates as these will bring the necessary improvements and bug fixes to enhance your user experience and prevent your data from being exposed.

    You need to choose the right Antivirus

    Antivirus is not only for laptops and desktops but also for smartphones. The year 2017 has seen many viruses and malware attacks and these are sure to disrupt your everyday life. In order to stay away from such malware attacks, you need to have the right Antivirus software installed on your smartphone. The Antivirus protection is important to stay away from malicious software that can expose your sensitive data and slow your device as well. You can choose to have either a free version of the antivirus or a paid version as that is up to you.


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