Samsung Galaxy S8 might utilize the company’s latest 8GB LPDDR4 DRAM Package

The industry’s first 8-GB LPDDR4 mobile DRAM package, is expected to greatly improve mobile user experiences in near future.

    Samsung is going through tough times after the company had to shut down the Galaxy Note 7 production due to its battery issues. However, it is not affecting the company's vision of new powerful products ready to set new standards.

    Samsung Galaxy S8 might utilize the company’s latest 8GB LPDDR4 DRAM

    Yesterday we informed you about the company's plans of launching a hybrid notebook- Chromebook Pro that will be one of a kind Ultrabook, and will take on the likes of Apple MacBook, HP Elite and other premium notebooks.

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    And now the company has introduced the industry's first 8 GB LPDDR4 (low power, double data rate 4) mobile DRAM package, which is expected to greatly improve mobile user experiences, especially for those using Ultra HD, large-screen devices.

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    Galaxy S8 might be the first device to feature the new 8GB RAM package

    This also indicates that the upcoming Samsung Galaxy 8 might be the first handset to feature the new RAM package. Samsung is known to follow the nomenclature symmetry and this might be the time we see the first 8GB RAM smartphone.

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    Two variants of Samsung Galaxy S8?

    We believe that Samsung will launch two variants of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8. One will be the standard variant with 4GB or 6GB RAM and the other one with the new 8GB RAM package.

    The new RAM package will help next-generation mobile devices take full advantage of its extremely high capacity. The 8GB LPDDR4 RAM will enable virtual machine operation and smoother 4K UHD video playback. As noted, Samsung Galaxy S8 is speculated to feature a 4K display with 2160 x 3840 pixels resolution and

    What is so special about this new 8GB RAM package?

    The new 8GB mobile DRAM package utilizes four of the newest 16 Gb LPDDR4 memory chips and advanced 10-nanometer (nm)-class process technology. The new 8GB LPDDR4 is said to operate at up to 4,266 megabits per second (Mbps), which is twice as fast as DDR4 DRAM for PCs working typically at 2,133 Mbps per pin. The use of 10nm process allows the new memory to double the capacity over the previous 20nm 4GB DRAM package.

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    What Samsung has to say?

    In the words of Joo Sun Choi, executive vice president of Memory Sales and Marketing at Samsung Electronics, "The advent of powerful 8GB mobile DRAM solution will enable more capable next-generation, flagship mobile devices around the world".

    He also mentioned that the company will continue to provide advanced memory solutions offering the highest values and leading-edge benefits to meet the escalating needs of devices having dual camera, 4K UHD and VR features."


    Samsung Galaxy S8 will be most Power efficient device

    If Samsung Galaxy S8 happens to be the first smartphone to feature the new 8GB RAM package, it will be much power efficient. The new RAM package provides much more efficient power consumption because of the latest 10nm-class process technology and Samsung's proprietary low-power circuit design.

    This circuit design enables the memory chip to double the capacity of the company's 20nm-class 4GB DRAM package, while consuming approximately the same amount of power

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