Samsung Galaxy S8 Rumor Roundup: Digital Assistant, Continuum-like Feature, 8GB RAM and More

Samsung Galaxy S8 Rumor Roundup!

    Samsung started 2016 as a promising year and the flagship Galaxy S7 series earned commercial success to the manufacturer. However, the end of the year was not as promising as it started as the Galaxy Note 7 left a black mark on the company's profile due to the numerous battery explosion incidents and the recall process.

    Samsung Galaxy S8 Rumor Roundup: Digital Assistant, 8GB RAM and More

    With just a few months left for the launch of the next flagship, the Galaxy S8, Samsung is already looking forward to re-build the consumer trust with the upcoming launch. As the Galaxy S8 series is a crucial product for the South Korean tech titan, the company is highly anticipated to roll out a flawless product and rumors regarding the same are flying all over the internet.

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    It is common to expect great features from a flagship, but the Galaxy S8 has the added pressure as it is an important product for Samsung. To be specific, it is the first big announcement from Samsung after the Galaxy Note 7 debacle. As of now, the details we know about the Galaxy S8 series are all rumors and a clearer picture will be known only when the device is unveiled.

    Here, we have come up with a rumor roundup on the Galaxy S8 series for the Samsung fans eager to know what they might witness in the coming months. Do check out the same from here.

    Minimum bezels around the display

    While there are numerous rumors and leaks surrounding the Galaxy S8, it appears like most of them seem to agree with the design. Some state that the phone might feature a futuristic all-screen bezel-less display, but this kind of a design seems to be far-fetched right now. It is possible to see throw edge displays on the upcoming Galaxy S8 series. The throw edge displays are likely to feature the top and bottom bezels though these are expected to be downscaled to some extent.


    Fingerprint sensor within the display

    The technology that is needed to embed a fingerprint sensor in the display is already out there, so there is nothing that could hold Samsung back from trying it on the upcoming flagship. With such an arrangement, Samsung will not only ditch the signature oval-shaped home button but also shed some bulk present at the front. Perhaps, this could be facilitated by the Qualcomm Sense ID fingerprint sensor that can be placed anywhere on a device as it can read fingerprints through plastic, metal or glass. Even component makers such as Synaptics and CrucialTek have developed similar sensors. But there are contradictory reports that it will still feature a rear mounted fingerprint sensor. 


    Possible to see a pressure-sensitive display

    Samsung is rumored to introduce a Force Touch display technology along with the Galaxy S8. There are rumors that state that the company is already testing the technology for its devices. As per speculations, the Galaxy S8 and S8 edge might be the first Samsung phones to feature 3D Touch kind of a functionality. It is also believed that the entire lineup of phones from Samsung will adopt the same in a couple of years' time.


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    Galaxy S8 Plus to have S-Pen functionality

    While the S-Pen is a feature that is seen on the Galaxy Note series, there are rumors that the alleged 6.2-inch Galaxy S8 Plus might come with the stylus. It is said that the stylus won't be fitted in the device as in the previous models from Samsung. Maybe, Samsung might opt to sell the S-Pen as a separate accessory for the Galaxy S smartphone to distinguish it from the Note series devices.


    Will there be an edge or not?

    There is no clarity on the number of phones that Samsung will release and how they will appear. As per the first rumors, all the S8 series phones will feature dual-curved displays as the Edge models. However, there are reports that only the Galaxy S8 will arrive with the wraparound display. However, there are other reports that claim that the Galaxy S8 lineup will come in both flat screen and curved edge variants as the Galaxy S7 lineup. To get to know more about this, we need to wait for the company to launch the device or reveal the details.


    Samsung digital assistant

    These days, the digital assistants are tried by almost every manufacturer. Samsung purchased Viv Labs lately to focus on this and compete against Google Assistant, Alexa, Cortana and Siri. The acquisition can help Samsung include the service that can resolve natural language queries as the other digital assistants. As per a recent report, the Viv-powered digital assistant might be called Bixby and work across all the native Samsung applications.


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    Galaxy S8 to grab the throne of photography

    Usually, Samsung phones offer a great smartphone camera. With the Galaxy S8, the company is claimed to grab the throne of mobile photography by beating Google Pixel. Going by a recent report, Samsung might arrive with a 13MP and 12MP dual camera setup at its back. Up front, it is likely to feature an 8MP selfie shooter with autofocus capabilities for better selfies. With the autofocus feature included at the front, you can take clearer pictures of the objects that are at various distances in the frame without being restricted to arm's length.


    No 3.5mm audio jack

    Already, a handful of smartphones in the market including the Apple iPhone 7, Moto Z, etc. miss out on the 3.5mm audio jack in an attempt to embrace a wireless future. Now, the rumors state that the Galaxy S8 might follow suit as Samsung plans to ditch the 3.5mm headphone jack. It remains unclear if Samsung will include USB Type-C headphones or an adapter for the legacy headphones. But, the good news for audio buffs is that the Galaxy S8 might arrive with inbuilt stereo speakers.


    Galaxy S8 with Continuum-like features

    Samsung is saif to be working on a unique feature that will be rolled out with the Galaxy S8. A purported presentation leak revealed that the Galaxy S8 might arrive with the Samsung Desktop Experience. This feature will reportedly let the phone to connect to a monitor in order to extend the workspace. This way, Galaxy S8 can work along with an external keyboard, monitor, and mouse just like Continuum on Windows 10.


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    Impressive hardware under the hood

    Coming to the hardware front, the Galaxy S8 is likely to feature potential hardware aspects with 8GB of RAM for exceptional mutitasking and the latest Snapdragon 835 SoC. The other variant of the Galaxy S8/S8 Edge is supposedly rumored to feature the Exynos 8895 SoC, which is yet to go official.



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