Samsung Vs Apple in 2020: The Everlasting Jostle


Samsung and Apple are the arch-nemesis of the tech-world but in a good way. For years, these tech giants have been battling for dominance in the consumer-tech space, especially smartphones. Both have an arsenal of flagship products that blend powerful hardware and top-end features.

Samsung Vs Apple in 2020: The Everlasting Jostle

When it comes to product philosophy, both brands have a different approach towards feature sets and performance. Samsung likes to take risks and try new things. It is constantly experimenting and introducing never-seen-before products that set the pace for innovation. The recent Galaxy Fold smartphones are clear examples of Samsung's modern thinking and robust engineering efforts.

Apple, on the other hand, plays the perfectionist, always refining and polishing the already existing technology to enhance the end-user's experience. These two completely different brands are pioneers in consumer tech, and smartphones are their most valuable assets. Even on smartphones, they have a unique vision, which becomes clear when we see their product lineups.

Apple Believes In Slow And Steady Wins The Race

Apple Believes In Slow And Steady Wins The Race

Apple was one of the first technology brands to reach a trillion-dollar valuation. If you look at their iPhones from the last four years, they all draw resemblance to one another. The big ugly notch introduced on the iPhone X in 2017 is still the same on the iPhone 12 Pro launched in 2020.

Apple is a brand that doesn't boast much about the amount of RAM or the battery size. Instead, it tries to deliver a linear user-experience across the product line. The performance difference between the iPhone 11 and the iPhone 12 Pro when it comes to day-to-day usage almost ceases to exist.

Apple Believes In Slow And Steady Wins The Race

Yes, the iPhone 12 Pro has a slightly better camera and a slightly better build quality. However, one won't be able to notice that difference unless compared hand-in-hand.

Each year, Apple announces a new iPhone with some features that are borrowed from the previous generation and some that set it apart from the previous models. In fact, there isn't much difference between the iPhone X's display and iPhone 12 Pro's display, as both offers 1080p panel with dated 60Hz refresh rate. Even the sub-20K Android phones now offer double (120Hz) the refresh rate of the most premium Apple iPhones.

Yes, the iPhone 12 Pro's display offers better color-accuracy with better protection and a higher brightness level. But, when it comes to the end-user experience, you feel at home even if you directly upgrade from the iPhone X to the iPhone 12 Pro.

Apple makes its own silicon chips and software; hence, they have more control over the product, unlike Samsung, which uses Google's Android and Qualcomm's chipset (at least in some instances).

Apple Believes In Slow And Steady Wins The Race

Coming to 2020, Apple had an interesting year. The brand launched the iPhone SE 2020, which is a budget-looking phone with flagship internals. Even though it has a flagship processor, premium build quality, IP rating, wireless charging, and best-in-class camera, it looked like a phone from yesteryear.

With the iPhone SE, Apple plans to attract price-conscious buyers. Once they are well within the eco-system, they are likely to spend a bit more and get the best product that the company makes. Then comes to the iPhone 12 lineup, a mini Phone, a regular-sized iPhone, a regular-sized Pro iPhone, and a big iPhone with the best tech Apple has to offer.

With just these four smartphones, Apple will rule the market for the next twelve months. All iPhone 12 models offer features like 5G, improved display, MagSafe wireless charging tech, and an improved camera system.

The brand also launched Apple Silicon-powered Macs in 2020. With this step, Apple can now have as much control as it has on iPhones, as it can now control both hardware and software.

Samsung Is Hungry For Innovation

Samsung Is Hungry For Innovation

When we hear the word Samsung, cutting-edge smartphone technology is what comes to mind. Unlike Apple, Samsung wants to be the first in the race to offer the most innovative technology like folding phones, periscope zoom lens, higher refresh rate, higher resolution display, and more to consumers.

Apple is one of the main competitors of Samsung. However, Apple is not the only competition. Apple has to compete against Chinese and Taiwanese, and Japanese tech brands of the world.

In India, Samsung has launched phones that cost less than Rs. 6,000 and has also launched phones that costs over Rs. 1,50,000. Samsung's portfolio is much wider and more versatile than Apple. Samsung sells phones in almost every price point, budget, mid-range, premium mid-range, flagship, and next-gen premium foldable phones for technology enthusiasts.

Samsung Is Hungry For Innovation

Samsung has to compete against Apple, OnePlus, Vivo, Oppo, Realme, Xiaomi, LG, and other major tech brands alike. It cannot neglect any of these brands, else, they are going to lose market share.

Samsung easily launches over 30 phones every year, out of which there will be at least six flagship smartphones. The brand even introduced the budget M and the F-series to take on its Chinese contemporaries by beating them in their own game by offering best-in-class specifications at dirt cheap price-point.

Both Samsung and Apple spend a lot on R&D, and you can see those efforts with Samsung. Though Samsung is not the first brand to launch a folding phone, it is a brand that has democratized the folding phone market with the highest market share.

Unlike some of the brands, you can actually buy a folding phone from Samsung, which can easily handle normal wear-and-tear. I have seen people buying phones like the Galaxy Z Flip and the Galaxy Z Fold 2. Phones like the Galaxy Z Fold 2 look as elegant as any premium flagship smartphone of 2020, and the phone is very practical too. As far as Apple is considered, it is unlikely to launch a phone like the Z Flip 2 anytime soon.

Two Brands, Two Philosophies

Two Brands, Two Philosophies

Apple and Samsung have launched some of the best consumer tech products in 2020 even during an ongoing pandemic. Both brands have a set audience and have a clear idea of what consumers expect from them.

Samsung staying loyal to its principles continued launching innovative products such as folding smartphones. Apple also stayed true to its nature of excelling in every aspect and introduced some top-tier products. These brands will undoubtedly lock horns in the future and get the best out of each other, making consumers fall in love with technology in the process.

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