Pick the right smartphone for your needs with these tips

Here's our smartphone buying guide.

    Smartphones are owned by almost everyone. While some have a clear idea of their requirements and manage to buy a device that caters to their needs, there is a fair share of people who find it too tricky to decide the right smartphone as they need to consider many components to get the right handset.

    Pick the right smartphone for your needs with these tips

    With the increase in the popularity of smartphones, there are different types of connectivity options, operating systems, and other aspects that make it difficult to judge the right one that might suit your requirements.

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    If you are interested in buying a new smartphone, you need not always buy the new kid on the block or an expensive one. Even if you take a specific route, there are some key decisions that you need to make to get the best device out there for your requirements. This smartphone buying guide will offer some tips that will be of great help in taking a decision.

    Size matters a lot

    The size of the smartphone is a key point to consider as you will be carrying the handset all the time with you. The large screen phones won't easily fit in your pockets or purse, but these are pretty convenient to browse the web, watch videos, etc. However, such large screen phones have high power demands than the small screen phones. On the other hand, smartphones with smaller displays are more portable and consume less battery power.

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    Decide on the storage capacity

    Some smartphones such as iPhones do not come with support for expandable storage as they lack a micro SD card slot. Such smartphones come with different internal storage capacities to cater to the needs of users with different requirements. The other smartphones provide a specific amount of internal storage and have expandable storage slots with support for micro SD cards. Decide which route you need based on your usage. If you don't install and use a lot of apps, then you can use a phone with SD card support as it will be a cheaper option.

    Do you need 4G VoLTE?

    There are many connectivity options lately. Especially, 4G VoLTE is booming right now and many affordable smartphones also pack this feature. It is important for you to decide if you will use 4G VoLTE before buying a smartphone that supports the connectivity.

    Know what you get

    The two popular operating systems that dominate the smartphone arena are Android and iOS. While iOS is a secure platform, there are drawbacks associated with it such as the restrictive ecosystem that poses limitations to the users. On the other hand, Google's Android OS can be tweaked to work in numerous ways. Also, the Google Play Store has more number of apps in comparison to the App Store for iOS. The less popular Windows Phone has a stylish and smooth interface but the platform is lagging behind the leaders in terms of the number of apps. Even BlackBerry OS, despite being secure, has a smaller app library. So you need to decide on the operating system based on your usage and requirements.

    Displays have their own pros and cons

    Smartphones have different types of screens such as LCD, AMOLED, and the emerging OLED panels as well. Each type of display has its own pros and cons. They different in terms of responsiveness, brightness, wear and tear, quality, glossiness, etc. You need to know at least the basic details of the display panel you use to know how it can benefit you. Moreover, instead of focusing on the resolution, you need understand the pixel density as it is a term that indicates the number of pixels housed in every inch of the display.

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    Battery life is important

    It is important to consider the battery life of the smartphone that you are planning to buy. If you are a person who use the device for all sorts of intense tasks, then you need to choose a device with a long lasting battery. If you fail to choose the right device, you might land up in charging your smartphone more frequently.


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