7 Creative Ways to Use the LED Light on Your Smartphone

    It was the Nokia 1100 that started the trend of introducing a flashlight in a mobile phone. The same is followed by the smartphones.

    7 Creative Ways to Use the LED Light on Your Smartphone

    All smartphone come with a flash at their rear along with the camera sensor and some also have a front flash. While the main purpose of the flash light is to click impressive shots even at low light conditions, there are other creative ways that the flash can be used in.

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    With a slew of impressive features integrated into smartphones, the users have almost forgotten the functions that the LED light can do. Take a look at some of the creative uses of the flash from the slider below.

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    Image Projector

    You can use the LED light to project images that are printed on a transparent film like the overhead projectors. Make sure you print small or you can make a DIY projector and a magnifying glass to make the same appear bigger. You can also make shadow puppets with the same.

    Morse Code Device

    The pre-digital era kids will know the use of flashlight to send Morse code messages. Though there are faster ways of messaging these days, this is a fun way to communicate. You can do it by turning the flash on and off. There are even apps that can take a message and relay the same in Morse code.

    Musical Light Show

    There are many apps that can make the LED light perform a mini-light show. Some can make the LED light flash as per the beats of a song though the music is played from another device. You can add a tinted or clear plastic case to the device to make it look like the whole phone is illuminating as the LED light goes off.

    Strobe Light

    Your smartphone can be used to have a strobe light. You can jailbreak or root the device to program the LED to blink on and off like a stroble light. There are apps to let you turn off the flash and control the speed. You can extend the light by placing a container of water in front of the LED light.


    One of the functions of the LED is to alert you whenever there is a notification. You can turn it on and get LED flash whenever there are alerts. You can set it to blink on and off whenever you receive a call or message.

    Room Lamp

    Turn the LED light on with either the app or function. Make sure that the LED light is facing upwards and put a clear and filled water bottle on it. This trick will illuminate the space in a better way. You can try the same trick with colored liquids for different effects.


    This is a common use of LED flashlight. Whenever there is darkness, smartphone users tend to switch on the LED flash to illuminate the space. It can be said that gone are days people looked for a torch when there was a power outage.

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