Snapdragon 653, 626, and 427 Unveiled: Brings 8GB RAM, Dual Camera Support To Mid-Range Smartphones

Qualcomm Snapdragon 653, 626, and 427 chipsets announced with support for dual camera setup and 8GB of RAM.

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Qualcomm, the leading smartphone chipset manufacturer in the world showed off three new processors under the Snapdragon 600 and 400 series - the Snapdragon 653, 626, and 427.

Snapdragon 653, 626, and 427 Unveiled

At its 4G/5G summit held in Hong Kong yesterday, it announced that the Snapdragon 653 and 626 chipsets will be available in the market by the end of this year whereas the Snapdragon 427 will be launched by early 2017.

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According to the company's statement "the new processors are aimed at supporting enhanced user experiences and connectivity for high performance and high volume mobile devices."

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These new processors, in addition to delivering better performances to its predecessors, have a bunch of new features up its sleeve. Let's check them out one by one.

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Dual camera technology makes its way to mid-range smartphones

All the three chipsets will support Qualcomm's Clear Sight technology for dual-camera setup, something which has been limited to Snapdragon 800 series chipsets until now. Meaning, the dual camera technology will not be a flagship affair anymore.

Having said that, it's highly unlikely to see a budget smartphone with dual camera setup anytime soon.

Support for 8GB of RAM

The successor of Qualcomm Snapdragon 652 chipset, the Snapdragon 653 now supports 8GB of RAM. So, expect to a see a mid-range smartphone with 8GB of RAM soon.

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Updated Modem

All the three chipsets now use the X9 LTE modem which is an incremental upgrade to both the Snapdragon 653 and 626 chipsets. The Snapdragon 427 chipset sees the biggest upgrade, though. For the unknown, the Snapdragon 425 uses a low-end X6 LTE modem.

Quick Charging 3.0

The Snapdragon 653, 626, and 427 now support Qualcomm's proprietary Quick Charging 3.0 technology.

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