Smartphones That Can Charge Faster Than Others Get Rated

Find which phone charges faster.

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    Smartphones have become our lifeline today. However, if asked when was the first smartphone invented, most of us will have to look back at Wikipedia to get the correct answer. To improve your knowledge, the first smartphone was brought about by IBM in 1992 and was called Simon Personal Communicator. From the then, to now, smartphones have come a really long way in terms of the technological advancements.

    Smartphones That Can Charge Faster Than Others Get Rated


    The technology housed in our smartphone has seen an exponential rise. From curved displays, fingerprint sensors, enhanced connectivity features, voice recognition technology to a lot more makes life simple and hassle free. But what is the back-end technology that powers all these emerging technologies at their best? The battery. A good battery support is integral for a smartphone. Like a plant requires a good quality organic soil to grow better, similar is the case for a smartphone that needs a good battery support to function better.

    Ever since the advent of mobile phones, the battery technology has evolved to a great extent. The first cell phone came with a Nickel Cadmium battery that didn't have a very high energy density and took a very long time to recharge. Later, the Nickel Metal Hydride batteries that embodied higher energy density came into existence.

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    With the evolving battery technology, mobile manufacturers today have adopted lithium-ion batteries, which are thin, lightweight, doesn't get prohibitively hot, and contains more energy density than the earlier versions. Moving onto from lithium-ion batteries, the smartphones now come equipped with Fast Charging technology also known as Quick Charge.

    This calendar year has seen a lot of mobile manufacturers adapting to fast charging technology in their newly launched handsets, which enable smartphones to charge much faster than ever before. Let's take a sneap peak at the list of best smartphones launched with fast charging technology in 2016.

    OnePlus 3

    In terms of both functionality and battery, OnePus 3 leads the race. According to a report, when trying to test the charging capability with a standard Dash charger and supplied USB Type-C cable, OnePlus 3 took 1 hour and 14 minutes to charge from 2 percent to 100 percent, which is quite challenging for the other fast charging smartphones in the market. It is for the first time that OnePlus tried their hands on fast charging technology and it along with OnePlus 3 and the company managed to execute it smoothly. DigitalTrends, after testing to charge the phone, claims that during the initial charging process, the smartphone apparently turned a little warmer, but later it cooled down.

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    Oppo F1 Plus

    While testing the fastest charging smartphone of the year, DigitalTrends discovered Oppo F1 Plus to be among the topmost ones. The upgraded version of Oppo F1, the Oppo F1 Plus comes fitted with a supplied USB cable and standard VOOC charger that let the device charge from 1 percent to 100 percent in just 1 hour 11 minutes, the report suggests. Further, enhancing the fast charging technology, Oppo is likely to introduce the second version of VOOC called the Super VOOC with which users will be able to charge their smartphones faster than ever, maybe in just 15 minutes.

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    LG G5

    Launched early this year, LG G5 supports Qualcomm's Quick Charge system that is supposed to be four times faster than conventional charging methods and uses some clever algorithms for optimum power transfer and maximum efficiency. The smartphone comes with a quick charger and USB Type-C cable and can charge from 2 percent to 100 percent in a span of 1 hour and 18 minutes, reports reveal. While the device was put in charge, there's very little heat generated during the charging process.

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    Motorola Moto Z

    2016 was quite an exciting year for Motorola. Lenovo has launched several fast charging Motorola smartphones in the Indian market. The first smartphone that the company launched this year was Moto G4, which is said to be built with TurboPower charging capabilities, which according to the company is the world's fastest charging technology. In line with the same, Moto Z came with a similar charging technology,

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    Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

    A few Galaxy S7 Edge phones are designed with an Exynos processor and the others come with Qualcomm Snapdragon 820. Not quite differing from LG G5, Galaxy 7 Edge took nearly 1 hour to reach 75 percent from 2 percent, reveals DigitalTrends when they tested the charging process of the phone. Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge offers a wireless charging service, which even Apple lacks as of yet.

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