Things You Should Never Buy At An Apple Store

Think it's a good idea to walk into the Apple store and buy anything you need there? Think again because there are also some products that you should never purchase at the Apple store.

    Well, you can't deny the fact that visiting an Apple store can be a hypnotic experience. At times, you might have stepped into a store to just pick up a new iPhone case, but you end up walking out with a lightning dock, AirPods, and an even greater desire to own another Apple product.

    Things You Should Never Buy At An Apple Store

    As such, Apple stores do stand out from other retail outlets from the modernist design to the open floor plans and other aspects. But the uniqueness sometimes comes with a price, the stores like Apple products themselves are not perfect and the store policies can be finicky.

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    Like you know that there are some Apple devices that you shouldn't buy, there are also some products that you should never purchase at the Apple store.

    So here is a list of things that you shouldn't buy at the Apple stores, and as you read on, it'll help you to know what things to look out for the next time you visit the store.

    Third-party Accessories

    It won't necessarily be a bad decision to buy a third-party case or accessory at an Apple Store, but you'd be better off checking prices and selection elsewhere. Why, because there are plenty more accessories for Apple products available and often at better prices on Amazon and other online stores.

    Newly Launched Products

    Have you noticed the spectacle in the Apple store on or shortly after the launch date of a new iPhone? It is truly impressive. But if you want to avoid the crowd and get the best deal, you should never buy a brand-new iPhone model straight from the Apple store.

    Apple usually doesn't offer any kind of discount or deal. While if you wait and have plans to upgrade, always compare prices with other retailers and wireless carriers. The catch is that the retailers and wireless carriers typically offer discounts or perks in order to attract iPhone fans looking to upgrade.

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    Any Product that is Soon to be Upgraded

    Consider this seriously. You should never walk into the Apple store and purchase a product when you know that a new version is going to be introduced in just a few weeks.

    The reason is that the new models will have better features. Also, if you are happy with the older model, you'll likely pay less for it once a new model has arrived.


    You may have purchased an Apple product and found yourself wondering whether an AppleCare+ plan would be really necessary or worth it. While the protection can be worth the price for some Apple gadgets, it's not worth the extra cost in some cases.

    For example, if you buy an AppleCare+ plan for your new iPhone, you'll have to pay an enrollment fee for the repair depending on what needs to be fixed. If such is the case, always look at what you're getting and how much the most likely repairs will cost, so that you can decide whether the extra protection is worth it or not.

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    Do Some Research

    If you are buying anything, especially electronic devices, it's always good and smart to research ahead of time. Even if you have enough disposable income or you have already decided what you want, the reality is that there's always more than one place to make a purchase.

    It can be an easy task to search online for additional options and deals. This will eventually benefit you the most.

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