Things that only smartphones with 8GB RAM can do

Is 8GB RAM necessary or just too much? Let's find out.

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As the mobile market got saturated, the handset makers these days concentrates more on RAM and processor rather than some serious innovations.

Things that only smartphones with 8GB RAM can do

A few years back, smartphones came with 512MB RAM and now it comes with 8GB RAM. But, the question is do we need 8GB RAM for our smartphones? If so what is the advantage it has? Check it out here.

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Fluid gaming experience

When the smartphone has 8GB RAM, it allows the user to have amazing gaming experience. With more RAM, the device will support color at higher resolutions and gives you the power for enhanced 3D rendering, which inturn results in realistic and lag-free graphics experience. Moreover, users can also enjoy brighter images, fast 3D video, and animation for a powerful, virtually real gaming experience.

Better multi-tasking

Having more RAM helps you in smooth multi-tasking. While opening several apps, some device with low RAM might start lagging, but devices with 8GB RAM can literally take anything that you throw at it. Apart from multitasking, it also helps the speed of the device and fast access to your data.

Apps availability

Sometimes, certain heavy apps require a set amount of memory in order to run properly. However, with a mobile having 8GB RAM can able to run apps that it may have been ineligible to run in some phones with lower RAM storages.

Processing power

More the RAM, More the processing power will be. In our smartphone, everything needs to be processed before showing the output starting from games, photos, and software. Having more RAM helps you in giving more natural content as it meant to be, without degrading it at any point of time.

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