Smartphones with dual camera set-up: Why is it better

Dual camera is becoming a hot topic in the technology market. But what does it mean and how is it better than a regular single camera set-up.

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Last year, the smartphone makers like LG and Huawei led the way with their new flagship devices by introducing a dual camera setup. But now, it is becoming a trend in half of the smartphone these days. Most important reason to equip dual camera on the back is to enhance the image quality of the smartphone instead of using bigger sensors.

Smartphones with dual camera set-up: Why is it better

The basic working of the dual camera goes as follows -- while the primary camera is used to capture regular images, the secondary camera is used for Depth of Field. Once it's done, then the software combines both the images into one, giving us a fine quality image with good details.

Some of the smartphones that employ dual camera are -- LG G5, Huawei P9, iPhone 7 Plus, Honor 6X and much more. In today's article, we are going to see the advantages and disadvantages of a dual camera smartphones.

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The main advantage of the dual camera smartphone is its ability to focus, Depth sensing effect and Zooming capability.

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Faster Focus

Talking about this, the smartphone with a dual camera has the ability to focus on multiple subjects simultaneously. Moreover, using a pair of lenses and sensors under the hood can help to replicate the post-click refocusing features.

Depth Sensing

The next advantage of the rear camera is that you get a better depth of perception, which in turn makes better photos beyond our imagination. Adding to that, it also allows the picture to appear really long. If enabled, users can also create 3D models to examine the subject from a different angle and focal length at the same time. Don't mistake it for an Hololens or a Project Tango feature.

Zooming capabilities

The best way to make the subject to appear big in a smartphone camera is to either move closer towards the subject or attach an optical lens to it. Moreover, you can also use digital zoom available in the device, but the quality of the image reduces drastically.

In these situations, the dual camera setup comes so handily. The dual camera phones, for example, LG G5 has a wider-angle lens that most smartphone shooters, and a telephoto lens that helps to zoom in without losing any quality.

As far as the disadvantages concern, there is not much to say except the battery backup. While it is not exclusive to the dual camera smartphones, most of the Android smartphones that come nowadays has battery issues when used heavily.

The battery department in the smartphone market hasn't improved yet in decades. Smartphone like LG G5 has poor battery back up because it consumes more power when the camera app is used for long.

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