Top 10 Features That We Would Love To See In The Smartphones Of 2016

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Smartphone is one of the most important gadget that we use today. We share all the details with it and do almost everything with it being present.

In 2015 we have seen many good smartphone technology such as fingerprint scanner, improved camera with optical image stabilization and more. Well, devices got a whole lot slimmer, smarter and having specifications that compete with the desktop performance.

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Not only the appearance of the device, smartphone has changed internally too. The new Android Marshmallow got launched with Nexus 6P and Nexus 5X smartphones. The new Android introduced the support of new fingerprint sensor, Android Pay, Tab On Now and much more.

Last year Sony came up with the 4K display in its latest flagship, while Samsung came up with a curved display, which is surely a revolutionary product. This article will give you and insight what the smartphone industry could be in 2016. Have a look at the sliders below to know the top 10 features that we expect from smartphone this year.

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Front Stereo Speakers

Greater Media Experience

Smartphones with front stereo boom sound speaker offers great media experience. Well, HTC is in a lead with the revolution with the stereo speakers from BoomSound. We would like to see front speakers with good quality speakers in the mid-range and budget handsets.

USB Type C


The new USB Type-C port is faster than the currently used USB port in smartphones. OnePlus introduced the USB Type-C port in its flagship smartphone and we expect this to become a standard in 2016.

Camera Optics

Camera Better

Camera technology in smartphone have been dramatically improved last year. This year we expect to have a great selfie camera more wide angle and a good flash module. Also a good sensor for back camera that helps to click great low light photos.

Quick Charge

Charger device faster

Quick charging features was introduced in many flagship smartphone last year. This year we expect the quick charging feature to mid-range smartphones.

Expandable Storage

MicroSD Card Support

Many smartphone makers have opted out the option of microSD slot from their devices. However, this year we would love to have the microSD card slot in the flagship smartphone to expand the storage.

3D Touch

Touch Sensitivity

Apple revolutionized the way we communicate with device with the introduced of 3D Tounch in their iPhone 6s. We would love to see 3D Touch like of feature in the Android smartphone.

More RAM

Faster Smartphone

We have seen smartphone up to 3GB of RAM in 2015. However, we can say there will be up to 4 to 6 GB of RAM embedded in the flagship device.

Less Heating Issues

No More Heating

The Snapdragon 810 chipset made a big news last year regarding the heating issue in the smartphone. Although, the Snapdragon 820 is supposed to be much faster and cooler, so we expect that there will be no more heating problem in smartphone this year.

Fingerprint Scanner


We love to have fingerprint reader to be on all our device. It makes our device much safer and convenient to use.

Bigger battery

Battery for a longer day

With so much features in our smartphone, it should be make sure that our device stay live for a whole day. We expect a huge batter in smartphone that juice the device for more than a day.

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