Top 5 Lock Screen Widgets for your iPhone 7

Apple's latest iPhones are amazing. They are blazing fast, packs in top-end imaging sensors and runs on iOS, which is one of the most advanced mobile operating system.

Top 5 Lock Screen Widgets for your iPhone 7

And with the latest update of iOS- the iOS 10, Apple has also added 'Widget' support that makes the iPhone's Lock screen a whole lot more useful.

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Here we have compiled a list of top 5 lock screen widgets for your iOS 10 powered Apple iPhones.

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Launcher is the first in our list and is by far the most powerful widgets on the App Store. It offers 6 widgets (with in-app purchase), which can be added to Notification Center on your iPhone.

Launcher includes a call widget that allows you to call, message, email, and facetime the people you contact the most. The list also has a map widget that offers directions or let you search for nearby restaurants, coffee shops, or whatever you're looking for at your current location. The widget list also has a browser widget that let you quickly access your favorite web sites.

You can also add dedicated widgets to check current weather conditions and forecasts, Uber time estimates, battery status, network, storage information and much more.

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Widget - Add Custom Widgets to Notification Center

Widget is one of the coolest lock screen widget for your iPhone 7. It allows you to add custom widgets to lock screen and the widget list includes an analog clock, battery indicator, a weather widget that displays temperature, day and other information, a calendar widget, etc. The USP of Widget is its graphical representation of the items that makes your iPhone's lock screen a live bulletin of the most important information you need throughout a day.


iMonitor is a System Information Monitor widget that sits in your iPhone's lock screen and give important insights such as memory/storage/CPU/ real-time data usage, etc. This information will help you keep a check on your iPhone performance and the amount of data you are consuming.

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Vidgets is another cool lock screen widget for your iPhone 7 lock screen. It allows you to set up all sorts of widget icons and shortcuts in the form of graphical representations. You can add contacts, installed apps, clocks, system status, network settings, weather and more.

HUD Widgets

This one is not a lock screen widget but is one of the most useful app in the App store. HUD Widgets is a set of handy navigation widgets, like speedometers, trip info, landmeter, weather, eco-driving, etc. that works in regular or head-up display (HUD) mode.

The Widget has a collection of important elements including a classic digital speedometer, a compass, odometer, a meter showing distance traveled, and a set of retro speedometers including Cadillac style, arched, circular, etc.

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